The Only Guide You Need to Outsource Apparel Design Work in 2023

Outsourcing apparel design work encompasses the entire design supply chain, including trend forecasting, apparel, graphic, accessory, and packaging design. 

Today consumer awareness has grown, the design element is gaining precedence, and outsourcing the design to niche service providers is becoming imperative. 

The entire design-outsourcing strategy has enormous value for apparel firms since it allows them to have a strategic partner to comprehend the evolving consumer needs and create novel designs. 

For this, apparel businesses are embracing cutting-edge outsourcing tactics. 

Technology Trends Reshaping the Apparel Industry

Tech Trends

Technology has permeated every aspect of our lives, including the apparel industry.

Apparel firms are realizing that technology is essential to increasing their bottom line.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the apparel industry will revolutionize business operations. It will allow companies to optimize design, streamline production planning, and implement advanced quality control systems.

For instance, generative AI might increase the garment market’s value by $150 billion to $275 billion by 2028.

Integrating inventory tracking with AI’s robust data prediction tools enables trend forecasting. Firms may instantaneously access data that permits quick planning of the designs and quantities rather than relying solely on traditional techniques of trend forecasting, which necessitate the observation and data collection of fashion designers, trend spotters, and influencers.

Sustainable Fashion

Take STITCH FIX, for instance. The British clothing brand has developed an automated technique for creating a virtual wardrobe for its female clients that monitors their purchases using analytics. Additionally, the platform enables women to put together outfits using the items in their closets and even shop from more than 10,000 stores.

Smart Textiles

Smart textiles have ushered in a new era of innovation as soft robotics and fabrics come together. In addition to offering greater functionality and a wide range of uses, businesses are now developing connected clothes that go beyond standard apparel. 

It involves the incorporation of soft robotics and electronics into fabrics, resulting in garments that can adapt, respond, and interact with the wearer’s environment. These textiles are flexible, lightweight, and comfortable, blending technology into clothing.

In clothes sensors, color-changing vests react to ambient conditions. Usually, fitness trackers and heart rate monitors are integrated into shirts.

Apparel Business

Google-branded clothes may soon be available to its fans. Project Jacquard is a collection of conductive threads developed by Google's ATAP lab (Advanced Technology and Projects) for weaving touch-responsive textiles, such as garments, tablecloths, rugs, and other items made of fabric.

3D Printing

3D printing technology opens new possibilities for customization, sustainability, and innovation. Many fashion brands use 3D elements in their designs. In contrast to conventional production methods, 3D printing takes a long time to create but results in substantially less waste and needs less work. On-demand printing reduces fabric waste by about 35%. 

Iris Van Herpen
Image Source: Google Arts & Culture

Since 2010, the Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen has been utilizing 3D printing. The "Crystallisation" shirt, made of white polyamide and one of her most recognizable designs, was 3D printed. Van Herpen is possibly the only fashion designer to display at the coveted Haute fashion weeks in Paris using high-tech materials. She has created unique 3D-printed fashion creations for clients, including Bjork, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga.

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Digital Twins, AR/VR and IoT

By combining digital twins, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and the Internet of Things (IoT), it is possible to reproduce real-world objects digitally. It leads to improved decision-making techniques, modeling, and real-time monitoring.

One of the most intriguing uses of virtual reality has been blurring the lines between the offline and online retail worlds. In the apparel sector, it allows shoppers to utilize VR to try clothes virtually. It uses augmented reality technology and customized measurement functionality to provide improved precision. Additionally, it implies that consumers would be more inclined to purchase goods if they feel like they tested them. 

Customers can visualize and customize apparel before making purchases using AR/AR technology, which helps exhibit products in interactive and engaging ways. 

For instance, Virtusize enables online fashion shops to depict the size of their products and determine the precise fit for the clothing their clients select virtually.

Apparel Design

Outsourcing Apparel Design Work

Designing is the core of the business for apparel companies. Well, it ought to be. Good clothing designs help businesses win customers. Designers with expertise are aware of the subtleties and significance of clothes design. But managing an internal team of designers is a problem that most firms struggle with. Since design companies can provide their end clients with remarkable finished works at competitive prices and promptly, outsourcing creative design services has become a well-accepted phenomenon in the apparel sector.

Significant Time Savings

The mountain of design work that goes into the apparel business can be time-consuming. Hiring an in-house team takes time and requires additional management, training, etc. Outsourcing your design work will save you a bunch of time. You have more time to focus on other aspects of your business while better-qualified hands take care of your design needs.

Increased Productivity

Outsourcing can also help companies with an in-house design team. When your internal design team gets overwhelmed with design projects, an outsourced team can cover the extra load. Thus, outsourcing increases your capacity to take on more projects. With more hands on deck, you can take on several design projects and meet your deliverables.

Diverse Range of Services

Finding a skilled designer can be challenging. Outsourcing may therefore be the perfect solution to your issues. Design outsourcing gives you access to a big talent pool of competent designers with unique design skills. Outsourcing allows businesses to diversify their services. 

Increased Revenue

Skilled virtual staff can increase the revenue of the apparel business over time. Apparel brands can gain exclusive access to resources that would create new opportunities and boost profitability through outsourcing.

When You Shouldn’t Outsource Design Work

Outsourcing cannot be the solution to every problem with apparel design. In some business scenarios, this tactic won't be the most effective, so you should consider your alternative possibilities.

Don’t Outsource When Things Are Not Clear for You

For businesses, it's acceptable not to have a strategy or plans. Take time to determine the best course of action. A skilled designer cannot help you if you are unclear about your goals. Instead of seeking design outsourcing, choose consulting, auditing, or just a piece of advice.

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Not Before You’ve Done Your Homework

When you outsource the operations of your apparel business, you might be confiding in a firm with which you have never before done business. Before outsourcing, study the firm you intend to deal with. Ask about their security credentials before sharing any information. 

When Outsourcing Costs You More

The primary reason for outsourcing is cost savings, so if that gets expensive, you might want to rethink your options. In some cases, outsourcing may be more expensive than having an in-house team, which could lead to a financial loss. For this, choose a reliable outsourcing partner that doesn't exhaust your budget.

How to Outsource Apparel Design Work

With Flowz's design and editing specialists, apparel manufacturers can enhance their designs. Our virtual assistants are skilled in designing personalized clothing patterns to promote clothing brands through social media postings and newsletters.

Flowz provides a broad range of apparel design services. Our skilled graphic designers use leading design technologies to create trendy apparel designs. As a top outsourcing business, the following are the design services we provide:

Custom Apparel Design:

We personalized your garment designs to create digital art. We will reproduce your apparel designs just as you had imagined.

Bespoke Graphic Design:

Flowz offers bespoke graphic design services to produce intriguing apparel designs. Further, we provide different clothing design options to suit your preferences, from eccentric characters to elegant scripts.

Expert Advice

If you're having trouble with design or other issues in your apparel business, our specialists offer consultation services and can help you overcome the roadblocks. We will perform a market analysis to understand apparel trends and to help you fill the gap with apparel designs, sales support, and more. 



Outsourcing apparel design work yields positive ROI for businesses. It helps them to broaden their apparel design while saving time and money.

On the other hand, outsourcing your apparel design work may seem like an overwhelming endeavor. It takes experience and subtlety to conduct interviews and evaluate portfolios.

At Flowz, we house skilled designers that will be a valuable addition to any apparel business looking to outsource. Our designers use the latest tools to deliver impeccable designs on time. They will communicate with you directly and work as members of your team. 

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