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Days 2-5: Our Awesome HR Team Fills Your Job

Within days, we’ll identify the right staff member(s) and assign them to you.

Days 6-30: We're Now Ready To Implement

Our implementation team schedules a “Kick-Off” call with you

You’ll meet your team member(s) and our management team

We’ll document the process and operating procedures and start training

Within 30 Days Or Less, We're Live!

You’ll directly communicate with your staff member(s)

You’ll also have regular quality control calls with our management team

We’ll keep you updated on our progress every step of the way

World Class remote staff outsourcing

Remote staff, contact center support – Flowz offers over 130 different services

We deliver integrated customer support services and next-gen IT solutions to businesses of all sizes, including some of the biggest brands globally – all from the Philippines and India.


3,000+ team members


Different services offered


Hours of operation

Fully redundant, secure and reliable Onsite and WFH delivery services

We are providing onsite operations where it is safe to do so, even if it may not be business as usual due to the pandemic. We heavily invest in our production facilities and in our work-from-home connectivity and security to ensure our delivery of services is never interrupted.

Flowz Tracker™ - Remote Work Monitoring System

Using a combination of proprietary artificial intelligence, sophisticated video recording and screen capture, we monitor the Pro staff working for you.

With Flowz Tracker™, we ensure you are charged for actual production time only. Say goodbye to wasted on-the-clock time.

Business Benefits

Strategic locations, safe and secure operations

Aside from our extensive work-from-home operations, we have three strategically located offices across India and the Philippines, located near easy to access transportation hubs.

Culturally aligned

In addition to being the most westernized of Asian countries, the Philippines is particularly aligned with North American culture, making it a great choice for customer-facing services.

Qualified talent pool

We recruit qualified candidates, (all being college graduates) using our unique recruitment strategies. Both India and the Philippines are investing heavily in updating the skills and knowledge of their talent pools to keep up with the evolution of outsourcing trends and automation technology.

World-class facilities

From certified buildings to world-class voice and data infrastructure to robust security and business continuity protocols, we ensure your programs are safe, secure and always on. In addition, our partnership with Ernst & Young, as our data security partner, ensures that your clients only receive the most secure and reliable delivery of services.

But Wait, There's More...Some of the Benefits You'll Receive

Staffing On-Demand

Access to 100s of services

Ramp up your staff quickly and effortlessly

No HR headaches

25%-50% ROI

Guaranteed savings on all remote staff

20 years successfully delivering ROI to clients

Security and Confidentiality

HIPPA, PCI Compliant, Socs2

Bi-Monthly Security Audits

Flowz Tracker™ - Remote Work Monitoring System

We monitor and track each job

You’ll never be charged for downtime

Scalable Storage

Unlimited file storage and  backup.

Retrieve previous work and repeat jobs when required

Free Training and Setup

We’re committed to your long-term success

Training and setup includes getting to know your business in and out.

Client Success Reps

A client support rep is assigned to manage your staff member.

There’s no extra charge for managed services.

Real-Time Turnaround Times

We work on your time zone.

Guaranteed service level agreements

Start exploring all the services and software at your fingertips

Your first 30 days are free.

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