The OB Advantage

When you engage and expand with Flowz, you get the following advantages:

Complete Management & Oversight

An assigned client services account manager
Shared team operations manager
Shared human resource and recruiter

Complete Backup & Redundancy 24×7

  • Assigned universal back up reps (at no extra cost to you)
  • Shared trainer and training time allocation
  • Standard operating procedure documentation drafting & handling
  • Working shifts on your business hours or based on various time zones (EST to PST)
  • Multiple production delivery centers from which to offer redundancy (India, Philippines, Uruguay)
  • Fully redundant centers: internet, electricity backups
  • Access to all other OB services a la carte including technology development

Complete Data Production & Confidentiality & Intellectual Property Protection

Global data security + Ernst & Young audits and data protection practices

Enforceable non-disclosure agreements in all countries we operate including the US

$1MM Errors & Omissions insurance policy

Strict employee legal agreements protecting against client data or intellectual property and client data misappropriation

Software licensing compliance ensuring that any client works produced by Flowz employees are compliant with global licensing standards .

Flowz employs the services of Labor Attorneys in all countries we operate to ensure the protection of our clients

Complete Employee Assurance Protections

The assurance that Flowz employees are paid full benefits in compliance with all legal, employment, government regulations; thereby ensuring client protection against any future employee claims for benefits, contributions, or retirement benefits

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Your Data is Safe With Us

We provide top-notch security and compliance, keeping your data safe from leaks.