Flowz Remote Support Staff

Hire part-time or full-time staff when you’re business demands it

Scale Your Business With An Flowz Pro

When you need part-time or full-time support

Bachelor’s Degree or University Experience

No complicated or onerous contracts

Work with the same  staff everyday

Flat-rate monthly pricing

Scale Any Service

With Flowz, you can add more staff resources when your business demands it. Plus, you’ll continue to have access to all other services and software

No Complicated Contracts

Scale your business when you need it…affordably and efficiently. Fixed pricing, no overhead and guaranteed support


Communicate and collaborate directly with your OfficeBeaconPro rep everyday and on your business hours

Fully Managed

Our OfficeBeaconPro service is fully managed. You never have to worry about HR headaches

Flowz Tracker™ - Remote Work Monitoring System

How does Flowz Tracker™ work?

Using a combination of proprietary artificial intelligence, sophisticated video recording and screen capture, we monitor the OfficeBeaconPro staff working for you.

Research has shown that employees waste up to an hour a day slacking off or surfing social media.* With Flowz Tracker™, we ensure you are charged for actual production time only. Say goodbye to wasted on-the-clock time.

Some Of Our Incredible OfficeBeaconPros

“I’ve got a great relationship with my client. And they love how easy it is for them to manage their own website now. Just give me the instructions and I make it happen.”

Kathy Gonzales

Project Manager

“The clients I work struggled with managing their online branding videos. I really understand them and their business and that makes it easy to support them!”

Caroline Dalal

Head of Marketing

“I’ve been working with my client for nearly 2 years. I know that their success will make us all successful. I support them with all their sales support needs.”

Bryan Gomez

Sales Support Rep

“My client needs me to ensure their client meetings are all scheduled and confirmed. It’s been a great working relationship the past few years.”

Marlene Pineda

Executive Assistant

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