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Flowz has been at the forefront of providing first-rate back office specialists for the past 22 years. Here’s what makes us stand out:

Delegate Your Tasks to a Back Office Specialist


Our back-office reps help you stay on top of your business meetings, industry events, job interviews, and other key priorities.

Billing and Payment

Flowz's reps track your due dates and remove the unnecessary hassles of processing payments in time.

Contact Center

Leverage 24*7 technical support by outsourcing your contact center to Flowz’s back office specialists.

Business Support

Our professionals offer business support services that boost business growth, like payroll processing, bookkeeping, and data entry.

Virtual Assistant

Access premium virtual assistant with Flowz. From scheduling meetings to social media and even marketing tasks, they do it all.

CCTV Monitoring

Outsourcing CCTV monitoring services to us minimizes theft in your business and secures all your assets.

Text Monitoring

Have all your company's text and chat messages monitored by an Flowz professional and significantly improve your customers' satisfaction.

Audio and Video Monitoring Services

Keep your digital assets safe with our audio and video monitoring team. They are always alert and precise in reporting errors and threats.

Disaster Recovery

Flowz's back office specialists ensure that your business continues running even after an unforeseen disaster.

Toll-Free Customer

Retain your customers with our Toll-Free customer support services and upsell and cross-sell to them anytime.

Internet Research

Contact Flowz to avail premium research services. Our agents conduct in-depth internet research, capture and analyze data, and present accurate facts.

Flowz’s Call Center Specialist Service Guide

Learn how Flowz’s virtual assistants deliver unmatched customer service. What this guide offers:

Why Outsource Back Office Staffing to Flowz?



Our back-office professionals have years of experience which guarantees exceptional support and increased productivity.


Staffing Costs

Avoid spending hefty amounts for back office agents. We have years of experience in sourcing highly-trained professionals at an affordable price.


24*7 Omnichannel Support

Flowz’s call center reps interact with customers via phone, email, and social media to ensure an immediate response.


Complementary Premium Software

Flowz’s call center services come with free software that includes cloud-based platforms, VoIP, email, and webchat.

Other Call Center Specialists


Inbound Specialist

Our inbound specialists are trained to provide best-in-class solutions like customer support, help desk, inquiry handling, and more.


Outbound Specialist

Our outbound specialists are trained to provide best-in-class solutions like collection services, appointment scheduling, lead generation, and more.


Answering Specialist

Get your hands on our multilingual answering specialists, who work round the clock to address all your customer queries on time.

Virtual Staffing We Provide

Flowz has been sourcing talented virtual assistants for its clients since 2001. We strive to help business owners lighten their operational workload so they can focus on scaling their businesses.
No job role is off-limits for us. Reach out to hire specialists like engineering estimators, medical billers, legal assistants, etc. Learn More
Build stronger sales pipelines with Flowz. Outsource prospect appointment setters, sales support reps, and call center specialists. Learn More
Our marketing experts streamline all your online marketing needs. Flowz SEO assistants help your technical leads with PPC management, SEO fixes, etc. Learn More
Hire our app developers to build your apps from concept to implementation. Flowz’s website developers help create websites that meet your technical and design needs. Learn More
Simplify your operations with Flowz. Outsource inventory management experts, order management specialists, graphic designers, and more. Learn More
Invest in premium graphics design experts for your print or digital publishing projects. We follow your branding guidelines to the tee and ensure to use the right font and optimize your images. Learn More
Flowz’s finance professionals create reports, process invoices, monitor cash flows, and manage and configure accounting software. They also handle various other clerical tasks. Learn More

Why Flowz?

Rapid recruitment process
Weekly performance reporting
Absolute data protection
Lowered employment costs
Remote staff will work on your schedule

Take a Listen to Our Customers

Flowz provides the full spectrum of services.  As I think about our growth, that partnership has been a very important part of it. Our industry is complex, and our ability to grow quickly is depending on partners like Flowz.

David Nicholson

CEO, Polyconcept North America

Melody Collet

VP Of Technology, Comda

Flowz has had an immediate and positive impact on our bottom line.  Being up in Seattle, it’s difficult to find the resources you need when you need it.   With Flowz we found a group of great employees who could work for us right away and at a very cost effective rate.

Mitch Mounger

CEO, Sunrise Identity
(A Halo Branded Solutions Company)

Paul Bellantone

President, PPAI

I wish it was only me using Flowz and not my competitors.  We bought six companies and each company we buy we have integrated Flowz into them.

Bill Korowitz

CEO, The Magnet Group

David Thompson

CEO, National Pen
(A VistaPrint Company)

I think the simplest way to put it is that Flowz has a ‘can do’ attitude.  I’ve yet to present something to Flowz that they couldn’t do or figure out.  We’ve grown our business significantly and have acquired six companies.  Flowz supports and interacts with all parts of our supply chain.

Chris Jackson

VP of Supply Chain, SpinMaster

Eddie Blau

CEO & President, Innovation Line

We are not able to get more work done in a more cost effective way.  They are incredibly valuable resources and besides just the cost savings, I save about 50% in time.

Wendy Barlin, CPA

CEO, Barlin & Associates

Riad Nizam

President, Master Electronics

Flowz has really enabled us to grow faster by hiring double the talent for a single local resource cost and having multiple eyes for that solution has made us grow faster due to the increased quality and faster turn times. I foresee our relationship with Flowz the last thing a very long time and I would definitely recommend them to any health care organisation...

Abid Sattani

Elite Health Services

R.J. Radobenko

President at Global Roofing Group

We saw Flowz as a potential solution Expert. We’ve been working with Flowz for a number of years now. We get a dedicated person on our business and that works incredibly well. But the really great thing is that they are dedicated to us.

Simon Kaye

Jaguar Freight

Devin Piscitelli

President, AAkron Line

Flowz's remote staff work with engineering companies to significantly improve their bottom lines, gain access to technical staff and ramp up operations. With our business growing exponentially,

Sean Taba

CEO at Best Contracting

Back Office Staffing FAQs

Back office support is a generic term for office solutions that aren’t customer-facing. Yet, they are the backbone of a thriving business. You can use back office support to streamline and improve customer service.
Back office services fall under the umbrella of call centers. Back office support reps are the non-customer facing segment of call centers like administration and support personnel.
Examples of back office services include scheduling appointments, IT support, billing and payment, and contact center services.

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