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    Flowz Tracker™ is the only patent-pending system that monitors and audits remote workers to ensure your work is completed as efficiently as possible and your hours are only used for actual production time.
    How does Flowz Tracker™ work?

    Using a proprietary combination of artificial intelligence, sophisticated video recording and screen capture, we monitor and track each and every job. If an agent takes a break or pauses on your job for any reason, your hours will not be used for their downtime.

    Your hours will only be used for actual production time.

    Research has shown that employees spend up to an hour a day slacking off or surfing social media.* With FlowzTracker™, we ensure you are charged for actual production time only. Say goodbye to wasted on-the-clock time.

    *Not Working at Work: Loafing, Unemployment and Labor Productivity

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    Pranav Dalal
    Chief Disruption Officer & Founder
    Flowz is the culmination of nearly 20 years of business ventures. Having provided outsourcing solutions to Fortune 500 companies, founder Pranav Dalal, set his sights on providing that same level of support to the millions of small business owners who need it most. And with the rise of the subscription economy, it was a natural evolution for Pranav to combine his business entities and offer as many services as possible, all on a time basis – exactly how business owners want and need these services priced and delivered.
    Anuj Verma
    Director Of Engineering
    Anuj joined Flowz, first as a Lead Architect, then moving onto the Director of Engineering role, and is now the CIO at Flowz. Anuj has been a catalyst of forward progression at Flowz for more than six years. With a keen sense of strategy and technical knowledge of IT and software development, Anuj helps optimize internal operations and technology to ensure a efficiency and a seamless customer experience. As a leader in the IT space, Anuj’s skills are used throughout the organization - internally and externally - to keep all processes effective and ensure a positive ROI on technological investments.
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    Why Business Owners Trust Us
    With our patent pending Flowz Tracker™ process, we can assure you that your hours will only be used for actual production time. Find out more...
    “I was frustrated with freelancer websites until I found Flowz”
    Devin Piscitelli CEO - AAkron Line
    “Flowz has a talented team, I’m glad I found them!”
    Nancy SuchoffOwner - Snap Creative Group
    “Flowz had an immediate impact on my bottom line.”
    Mitch MoungerPresident - Sunrise Identity