Top Five Reasons Why Graphic Design Is An Integral Part Of Digital Marketing

Top Five Reasons Why Graphic Design Is An Integral Part Of Digital Marketing

Graphic designing is the art of communicating complex messages through visually appealing images, illustrations or typography. If you are a digital marketer looking to impress your target audience with your products or capture their attention in a few seconds towards your services, you have to include graphic designing in your marketing strategy.

Graphic Design Service ProviderThe power of visual elements cannot be neglected in the era of digital marketing. As per statistics, people remember only 10% of the information they hear, three days later. If a relevant image is shared along with that same information, people retain 65% of the information three days later.
Here are some powerful reasons that emphasize the fact that digital marketing married with graphic designing can yield wonders for a business.

  • Making the most of the visual attention span: The attention span of a reader is generally just eight seconds. This short span of a reader, coupled with the crowded internet advertisements, articles, blogs, videos, infographics and constant messages on mobile has made the job of a digital marketer even tougher. Here, visual aids come to your rescue. A beautifully designed image or a creatively rendered logo can always capture an audience’s attention.
  • Powerful means to evoke emotion: Once you have the attention of your target audience, it is important to give him or her the experience which they will always remember. This way they will register your product and company in their minds and may come back to using it more often. Visual aids or graphic designs have the power to evoke emotions in a viewer. If you stir the right emotions and connect with your consumers, half the battle is already won. You do not just win their trust, you also establish yourself as a reputed company in the eyes of the consumer.
  • No language barrier: The best part of using an image or illustration is that it is free from any language barrier. Forget language, even a person who cannot speak or hear can connect with a visual. In the era of mobiles, even most media dark places are getting connected over the internet. Images and videos work wonderfully in connecting with those who cannot read English or other languages or who have certain disabilities.
  • Easy call for action: Any advertisement that fails to have a call for action is a total loss of money and other resources. Graphic designing gives you a very attractive way to urge your target audience to take action. It can be clicking a button or sending a message or just starting a chat on the website. A blinking arrow or a visually appealing form or a “claim your offer” button, it can be anything that you want.
  • Attract traffic to websites and portals: A website that uses good images for its banners and pages definitely looks more appealing. Beautifully rendered pieces of graphic art can entice your viewers to look deep into the website, browse more pages and click on more links.

The above-given reasons are just the beginning. The journey of graphic designing and digital marketing requires you to partner with experts in the field.

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Some of our graphic design services include
‐ Logos and artworks
‐ Website graphics
‐ Brochures, flyers, ads, posters and other marketing materials
‐ Stationery, envelopes, invoices, forms and business cards
‐ Sell sheets and PowerPoints
‐ Social media posts and infographics
‐ E-books and other e-thought leader pieces
‐ Embroidery digitizing

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