Things you can embellish using digitized embroidery

Colorful threads weaved in different delicate patterns look very charming on any textile. The best part is they convert that piece of cloth or textile into an article you would treasure forever. It can be your child’s new dress or the newly purchased drapes for the living room.

There is a lot of emotion attached to an embroidered pattern especially when it is something meaningful and pulled out of your own life. Imagine this, a portrait of you kid embroidered on a piece of cloth and framed as a wall hanging for his room. Or a logo of your company stitched to perfection on all promo materials you want to give to your customers. The list of things you can use embroidery digitizing service provider to embellish are as wide as your imagination.

That is the best part of digitized embroidery, it opens up so many options for you to experiment. Here are a few fun things you can do using digitized embroidery:

  • Wall hangings: There is a lot you can do to make a simple wall hanging more interesting. The design for the wall hanging can range from simple to intricately woven patterns.  The key is to have the artwork prepared carefully before loading it onto the digital embroidery machine.
  • Caps: This is the favourite with many corporates. A company logo on the cap is a common promotional gift item given away by companies to its employees and customers. A logo embroidered on any promotional item works as good brand recall. An embroidered logo also creates a strong emotional connect with the customers.
  • Jackets: Several educational institutes prefer embroidering logos on the pockets of jackets or as a sleeve patch. A stitched embroidered patch works very well on the jackets and things that people wear. This is because a printed logo generally fades away after a few washes whereas an embroidered logo stays for a long time.
  • Tapestries: This can be a very creative piece and a centre of attraction of any hall or living room. There are digital artists who can create amazing artworks for your tapestries that tell a story from history or mythology or can just bring out the essence of a bygone era. You can evoke a sense of nostalgia or add that artistic charm to a place by opting for digitized embroidered tapestries.
  • Shirts and sweatshirts: A favourite of youth and children. Also, a must have for those who love sports. A sweatshirt with your team’s name. Or a shirt with your music band’s logo. Or imagine your employees wearing logo embroidered t-shirts on team outbound trips. A simple shirt or a sweatshirt can have a new meaning with a patch of well-executed embroidery on it.
  • Bags: Girls love embroidered bags. Here too your imagination and creativity can have no bounds. Get your name embroidered on the bag or just embellish a boring bag with an embroidered border. You can do a lot with an old bag lying locked in your cupboard.
  • Table cloth: A lot of table cloths have cross stitch patterns embroidered on them. And they look so stunning. There is nothing more beautiful than a meticulously created design in cross stitch. You have to try it to believe it. Your centre table or the dining table will have a whole new look with a simple cross stitched embroidery border or patch on it.
  • Children’s clothes: There is nothing more emotional and close to your heart than your children’s belongings. You can create delicate embroidery patterns on the computer and get them digitally embroidered on your daughter’s dress or son’s pants. And you are ready for the next party!

The list of things you can use an embroidered pattern for is endless. What is most critical here is to know the art of digitizing embroidery and the technique of using the digital machine to render it on a piece of cloth. If you are working on something important, it is best to trust the best-in-business company like Flowz for your digitized embroidery needs. We are a fractional services company that can deliver amazing results in a few hours in a cost effective manner. Check out our embroidery services here.