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Ecommerce Website Programming

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Flowz offers customized eCommerce solutions to all.

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Cutting-edge web development services to empower your business

Flowz offers customized eCommerce solutions to all its client companies regardless of the size of the store. We provide scalable solutions and analytics to scale your business. Our tailor-made services and amazing UI & UX offer satisfying outcomes including:

Content Management:

We offer end-to-end content management solutions by delivering seamless workflows, responsive designs, simplified content management solutions, and a user-friendly interface.
Here’s a rundown of what we do:

  • Promotional banners
  • Search engine optimized web pages
  • Contact forms
  • Content management
  • Full template and theme support

Feature-rich storefronts:

An exquisite storefront with a beautiful design speaks loudly about your eCommerce store. Be it on a desktop or mobile phone, Flowz makes sure your store functions flawlessly. Our feature-rich storefront consists of:

  • Countless product images and product content
  • HTML5 & CSS3 to create a responsive and seamless interface
  • Filters and sorting options for each category
  • Registration and login forms

Web Security:

A single malware attack can impact your confidential and crucial data. At Flowz, we pay attention to every detail right from the development stage to deployment. Flowz provides web security services for your application and takes care of every aspect of each feature. We identify gaps and loopholes, and fix them to prevent malware issues and any other related threats.

Order Processing:

Regardless of the size of the store, order processing functionality is of paramount importance to ensure customer satisfaction. So, to provide a seamless and user-friendly order processing system, Flowz offers the following functionalities:

  • Management of all order statuses
  • Tracking customer order history
  • Configuring order notifications
  • ‘Retry Order’ option for all the failed payments
  • Automatic inventory deduction for all successful orders
  • Automatic inventory addition for all canceled and refunded orders

Online Payments:

In order to manage all your payments, Flowz integrates an online payment gateway feature. We ensure safe and secure transactions by:

  • Provide a convenient transaction systems to make it easier for your customers to pay you
  • Including software that assures safety and security in every transaction
  • Integrating seamless payment options

Marketing Support:

Marketing plays a prominent role in taking your business to the next level. With our proven marketing methodologies, Flowz introduces your business to new customers. Flowz offers marketing tools and services that are highly effective. We offer the following services:

  • Integrating Mailchimp for email marketing
  • Creating marketing campaigns to effectively use in your social media
  • Sending newsletters to all the customers who have opted in Create coupon codes

Email Notifications:

Flowz keeps your customers updated about their orders by sending email notifications. We customize the notification templates according to your preferences.

Report Generation:

Flowz generates in-depth reports and keeps you up to date on website traffic, sales reports, and every action that is taking place on your website. We also provide reports about the following:

  • Top selling products
  • Cancelled and refunded orders
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly sales
  • Product category sales
  • Popular search requests

Customer Management:

Flowz provides an efficient customer management system that tracks all orders.

Hassle-free checkout:

Our user-friendly UI delivers s a satisfying experience to your customer. Specifically:

  • We partner with third party shipping companies such as Blue Dart, DHL, FedEx to integrate shipping updates into your website.
  • We integrate a secure payment gateway solution.

Cloud Deployment:

Cloud deployment provides a scalable architecture for growing business needs. We provide realistic and customized solutions in order to manage the fluctuations in your website traffic. The cloud architecture we utilize is cost-efficient and cuts down on unnecessary expenses.

Technical Support:

The Flowz technical support team will quickly respond to all your questions and provide you with the right solutions.

Why Choose Flowz E-commerce Website Development

This is what you’ll get when you sign up with Flowz:

  • Your website will get an awesome makeover.
  • Your website will be SEO-friendly; which means you’ll outrank your competitors.
  • Your website will be mobile responsive.
  • You’ll get a quality content management system.
  • Flowz’s experts are highly responsive throughout the development of your site.
  • You’ll work with a team of highly experienced developers.
  • The Flowz portal will give you 100% control over your project.
On Demand
Plan Order Summary $0

25 Cents/Min

All Services

Software – Full Access

15 Day Trial

24 Hour or Faster

Turn Time On Most Jobs

24×7 Support

Services Benefits

Software Benefits