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Flowz CRM vs Salesforce

The Salesforce Alternative
Multiply your productivity with Flowz CRM

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3

Flowz CRM offers you everything you expect from Salesforce.

Use Flowz CRM anytime

Flowz CRM is included with all
paid subscriptions at no extra charge.

All the features you're familiar with

You won’t feel short-changed with Flowz CRM.  You get all the features that you expect from CRM
– but without the cost.

More than just a CRM

It’s 3 apps in 1.  You get the Sales CRM, HelpDesk and messenger right out of the box.

Features Include

All-in-one software

Document all customer interactions

Quotes and proposal management

Pipeline management

Workflow management

Document management

Sales CRM

Upload manually or import prospects

Convert leads into opportunities

Kanban views to easily track sales funnels

360° view of every prospect and opportunity


Create and monitor customer service cases

Solve cases faster with knowledge base access

Create cases based on department

360 degree dashboard to view service quality


Public, private and direct messaging

Keep communications in one place

File sharing in any channel

Reduce clutter caused by long email chains

Advanced Reports

Visually understand business conditions

Real-time status of your CRM

Insert data feeds such as Twitter

Calendar view for booked appointments

Client success reps

Your rep has your back

We’ll help you take advantage of everything Flowz offers

Flowz CRM vs Salesforce


Flowz CRM

Sales CRM



Kanban Views

Leads Module

Accounts Module

Contacts Module

Opportunities Module

Quotes Module

Products Module

Price Books Module

Campaigns Module

Case Management Module

Contracts Module

Events Module

Task Module

Social Media Integration


Module User Permissions

Team Messaging

e-Signature Capable

License Free

Fast Deployment

Easy to Customize