How To Shoot A Perfect Video Testimonial?

Video testimonials are amazing assets for marketers. Videos connect far better with the target audience than any other form of content marketing. They touch viewers emotionally. Are more fun to watch than reading. In fact, statistics suggest that videos have a great conversion rate as well.

There is no doubt then, video testimonials have to be a part of your content marketing strategy. The catch here is to create a good video testimonial. This requires good video editing skills. Get hold of a video editing expert in case you do not have the resources and skill in-house.

Whatever, you decide, make sure you follow some of the below tips to create an appealing video testimonial.

1. Keep it short:

Long is boring, at least when it comes to videos! Length of a video is extremely critical for a marketer. Remember, video shooting requires both time, money and other resources. Be wise in creating a video and be driven by objectives instead of emotions. There are companies that have posted long videos of customers talking about them and have managed to get a good click-through rates. However, it is a wise thing to keep your videos two to three minutes long. This way you are more likely to get more views and keep your audience engaged for the right amount of time.

2. Honesty is the best video policy:

Do not try to script our customer videos. Let them speak from their heart. There is nothing more endearing than an honest video testimonial. It strikes the right chord with your customers and wins their trust immediately. Scripts can make the video sound doctored and may steal the thunder of the message the customer is delivering.

3. Select the right customers:

Selection of customers can be based on many things – oratory skills, loyalty towards your brand, length of association with them, etc. Take a look at each of these to select your customers wisely. A happy customer will always speak with great pride for your product. You do not have to guide him on what to speak and how to speak. It will come naturally to him.

4. Have a brief chat before shooting:

It is a good idea to speak with your customers briefly before rolling the camera. Ask them the top three messages they want to say in the video. Guide them on how to begin and end a video talk. Simple tips like introducing their company and themselves and ending on a positive note can go a long way in making the video more meaningful for the viewers.

5. Leverage it across platforms:

And last, but not the least, use the videos you have shot on different social media platforms. Leverage the reach of these platforms to garners more views for your videos. This way you will ensure you generate the maximum return-on-investment on your video testimonial.

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