Five Virtues of Graphic Designing That Marketers Should Cash On

Five Virtues of Graphic Designing That Marketers Should Cash On

Graphic designing is a visual medium of communication. What can a humble graphic do to a marketing campaign? Well, a lot actually!

The art of communicating your idea through appealing and appropriate images is what graphic designing is all about. Ignoring graphic design can be detrimental to any marketing strategy. Especially when consumers process most of the information visually.

Smart marketers have been using graphic design services for various purposes like driving engagement, spreading awareness, generating more website traffic, boosting sales, guiding purchase decisions, etc.

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While there are numerous studies that show the power of images in problem-solving, here are a few specific things that graphic designing does to your marketing:

  1. It connects – There are so many examples of amazing uses of graphic design in creating legendary logos, brand themes and color perceptions. For example the McDonald arches, the Nike swoosh, the Coca-Cola red, the peculiar Lego typography or simple color combination of Dell logo. There is an immediate emotional connection consumer have with certain logos and branding. This is the result of some amazing graphic designing skills at work. A thousand words could not have created this effect, that a simple design could.
  2. It appeals – There are specific designs, typography, and colors that attract and appeal to a specific set of audience. For example, baby product packaging is generally designed using soft and pastel shades. A youthful brand would use bright colors like red while an office product might go for blue.
  3. It influences – Did you know that brand graphics and colors can shape opinions? Yes, that is the power of graphic designing. An impressive design leaves a lasting impact on a customer. The first glance of your audience towards your product can make or break their impression about you.
  4. It informs – Creating awareness is another virtue of graphic designing. Along with building a brand identity, it is important to showcase it to others and inform them of your brand and product qualities. Graphic designing can come in handy in describing your product effectively.
  5. It impacts consumer decision –As per studies, the visual medium is processed faster. Consumers look at the product packaging and design and instantly decide to go for it. This is especially true for over-the-shelf and FMCG products.

Designing involves a lot of strategizing. As a marketer, it is important to understand your audience’s preferences and personalities before designing logos and images. Your design represents your company and it is imperative you get it right. If you are looking for help on creative designing, get in touch with Flowz. We simplify the graphic design function for you and create meaningful graphics that work for your business.

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