Video Editing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Video editing is like telling a story but in a very dramatic way. This exaggeration is what creates an impact on viewers. Combine this exaggeration with amazing music, audio and graphics effects and you have a sure-shot way of winning your viewer’s heart. 

Video Editing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Let us try to understand this with an example. In the real world, if we want to sneak into a room without someone noticing us, we would just quickly walk into the room and close the door. But in the world of movies and animation, this has to be dramatized a bit to showcase what exactly happened. So in a movie, the same act will be something like this – a person takes two large strides, his expressions that of scare and caution. He pauses, looks left and right to see if no one is watching. Again takes two big strides carefully. Holds the door of the room and quickly gets into the room. Gives a quick look of relief and closes the door softly. 

As you can visualize, the whole act is like telling a story. So that the audience can enjoy the scenes slowly and understand what is happening. The music and voice over dialogues play a major role here. Also, graphics are getting extremely popular and video editors are using them to enhance the viewing experience. 

While you are at your work of creating your next video, it is a good idea to ensure avoiding some common mistakes video editors make. We have listed the top mistakes for you here so that you can check and avoid these:

  • Audio mixing: Audio generally comprises of two major things in a video – the background music and the dialogues. Video editors who use background scores should ensure the music is not too loud. If so, the audience will not be able to listen to the dialogues and will miss the story. Loud music can also cause fatigue to the ears. 
  • Improper transitions: Transitions are the space between two shots. There are ways to transition to another shot. Some video editors like to give a fade effect, dissolve, pan, or instant scene change. The method of transition depends upon the impact you want to create in that particular scene. Improper transitions can be very annoying. Imagine a dissolve transition that lasts a bit too long and stays even when the next dialogue has begun. It is definitely a big no in any video editing work. 
  • Out of sync audio: Music should be in sync with the scenes. If you are playing soft music then the scene transitions should be slow. Imagine a slow scene and fast background music. It is sure to confuse your viewers. Needless to say, it is also extremely annoying. 
  • Graphics errors: Some of the common graphics errors can be using a coloured text that is not readable and legible. Or using multiple font families in a single video. One should be careful about the size of the font and the length of the titles to ensure the viewers can grasp what is written on the screen. 

A company should ensure that the videos it uploads on different social media platforms are of professional quality. Videos are great when it comes to increasing brand awareness. If you are looking for a partner who can help you in video editing then you can get in touch with Flowz. We deliver high-quality videos at affordable prices. Get in touch with us today to know our offers and offerings.


Top Video Editing Tips For Beginners

Videos are taking the internet by storm. As per reports, YouTube reports 100% increase in mobile video consumption every year. Marketers want to cash on this craze and make videos of their products and services available to consumers. And why not, statistics for 2018 tell us that 90% of users find product videos helpful in the decision process.

Making a video requires superior video editing skills. It is a creative skill that has to be mastered over a period of time. We would like to share a few tips here on how beginners can up their skill quotient and create high- quality videos with just basic knowledge of the domain.

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  1. Ramp up your RAM: It is important that your computer has a good RAM (random access memory) capacity. A minimum of 8 GB RAM works well for creating videos. Couple this up with a good quad-core processor and a decent memory space on a hard drive and you are ready to produce your first quality video.
  2. Invest in the right editing software: Once you have the PC configurations right, it is time to select the right video editing software. There are a number of free video editing software available like Windows Movie Maker, Video Pod Video Editor, Open Shot, etc. However, if you are serious about the business of video editing, invest in good software. Good things come at a price. Some of the software that professional video editors use are Hitfilm express, Apple iMovie, Lightworks, etc.
  3. Add music, graphics, and sfx: A video has a strong emotional connect with its audience more than an article or a static image. Take advantage of these characteristics of video and films and create a deep emotional connection with your audience. Add appropriate music, graphics, and special effects to make your videos more impactful.
  4. Let your video be more emotional than technical: You have installed the right software, have upgraded your PC to edit a video, and have learned the key skills of video editing. But that is not going to be enough to make your videos work. The functionality of a video largely depends on how well can it connect with the audience. Let your video not just be a technically good film, but also a deeply connecting one. A good storyboard, fine editing skills and a dash of creativity is all you need to stir the right emotions in your audience.
  5. Give breathers with visuals: Another very useful tip can be to remember to give breathers while shooting or editing a film. Break your cuts and film scenes in a way that you give some time for the audience to imbibe your message in a clutter-free manner.
  6. Make it web friendly: Do not forget to make your videos light so that you can upload on the internet. Most of the video editors and directors like to keep the file size heavy so that every shot comes out clearly in a high-resolution environment. But this does not work well while putting things on the web. And remember, the web is the place where you can make your videos most accessible. So think about making your videos web-friendly always.

Video editing and creation is just the first step and we hope that the above tips will come in handy. However, the important bit here is to leverage this video on the right social media platforms for lead generation, sales, and click-throughs.

There are experts in the field of video editing and marketing who can help you. Flowz, for example, has a talented video editing and production team who can help you at a fraction of a cost with superior quality videos. Try our services today.


How To Shoot A Perfect Video Testimonial?

Video testimonials are amazing assets for marketers. Videos connect far better with the target audience than any other form of content marketing. They touch viewers emotionally. Are more fun to watch than reading. In fact, statistics suggest that videos have a great conversion rate as well.

There is no doubt then, video testimonials have to be a part of your content marketing strategy. The catch here is to create a good video testimonial. This requires good video editing skills. Get hold of a video editing expert in case you do not have the resources and skill in-house.

Whatever, you decide, make sure you follow some of the below tips to create an appealing video testimonial.

  1. Keep it short: Long is boring, at least when it comes to videos! Length of a video is extremely critical for a marketer. Remember, video shooting requires both time, money and other resources. Be wise in creating a video and be driven by objectives instead of emotions. There are companies that have posted long videos of customers talking about them and have managed to get a good click through rates. However, it is a wise thing to keep your videos two to three minutes long. This way you are more likely to get more views and keep your audience engaged for the right amount of time.
  2. Honesty is the best video policy: Do not try to script our customer videos. Let them speak from their heart. There is nothing more endearing than an honest video testimonial. It strikes the right chord with your customers and wins their trust immediately. Scripts can make the video sound doctored and may steal the thunder of the message the customer is delivering.
  3. Select the right customers: Selection of customers can be based on many things – oratory skills, loyalty towards your brand, length of association with them, etc. Take a look at each of these to select your customers wisely. A happy customer will always speak with great pride for your product. You do not have to guide him on what to speak and how to speak. It will come naturally to him.
  4. Have a brief chat before shooting: It is a good idea to speak with your customers briefly before rolling the camera. Ask them top three messages they want to say in the video. Guide them on how to begin and end a video talk. Simple tips like introducing their company and themselves and ending on a positive note can go a long way in making the video more meaningful for the viewers.
  5. Leverage it across platforms: And last, but not the least, use the videos you have shot on different social media platforms. Leverage the reach of these platforms to garners more views for your videos. This way you will ensure you generate the maximum return-on-investment on your video testimonial.

Trust on the best-in-business company to shoot your video testimonials. Flowz video editing and production department are headed by prominent and experienced professionals. We deliver great footage using simple editing technique. This makes our videos budget friendly and value-driven. We can help you with a video testimonial that is affordable, is of high quality, and delivered with speed. Get in touch with our video editing team today.

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What Does It Take To Make A Perfect Video?

The video marketing space is getting crowded with every passing minute. As per statistics, around 400 hours of new videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. A few studies have also found that by 2021, 82% of all consumer Internet traffic (globally) will be video-based. There is no doubt that the marketers need to be better and sometimes the best to be able to capture the attention of the viewers.

A good video editing software or an able video editor can get you to achieve your objective. But there is more to a successful video marketing campaign than just good video editing. Here are some of the things you need to have to create a perfect video marketing mix.

  • Great quality content: There is no substitute for good quality content. Content is the king even in video editing and marketing. You should share meaningful stuff with your audience. Make sure you curate content that is in demand. Give the viewers something they are looking for. For example, a video telling the viewers how to increase your SEO ranking could attract a lot of eyeballs. Put yourself in your viewers’ shoes and put your ears to the ground to know what a viewer wants.
  • High-quality videos: Smooth edits and transitions, use of appropriate filters, color corrections, picture enhancements, and the list of creating good quality videos are endless. Use the right mix of techniques to generate high-quality videos. Video resolution is also important depending on the platform it will be viewed. A study shows viewers paid attention to mobile 28% of the time while watching TV shows. This mobile time went up to more than half the time during TV ads. With the increase in the use of mobile phones to watch videos, it is important to optimise the resolution of a video as per the medium used to watch it.
  • A strong storyboard: A good artist always visualizes his work before making it. That is what a storyboard does to your video. It is like what a script is to a film. A storyboard tells you exactly what the video will look like step by step. It is all about planning and if your storyboard is robust enough, you have a strong video plan. The foundation has been laid, what is now required is to pick up the camera and shoot.
  • Exemplary video shoots: Video shooting is an art. The shots, the frames, the timing, the right amount of light, background scores, dialogues, etc are required in the right measure to create an exemplary video. Hire the right company to do the job as it can be too risky to have a naïve video filmmaker to shoot your video on mobile.
  • Superior shooting equipment: A good video shoot can be done on mobile but there many restrictions to it. You may not be able to edit it to an advanced level on mobile. It is worth investing in a piece of good shooting equipment to make sure you do not compromise on the video quality. It may not be always possible for a company to invest in such infrastructure. In such cases, it is best to outsource the job to a trusted company managing video editing and shooting like Flowz.
  • High-quality editing tools: Along with shooting equipment, you also need best-in-class editing software to edit a video. It can be both expensive to buy and time-consuming to master the video editing software. Here again, you may require to partner with an able video editing company to get the job done.
  • A clever video marketer: And last but not the least, it is extremely important to have a person who knows how to make the most of the wonderful video you have created with so much effort and resources. A clever video marketer will make sure you get the best return-on-investment of your video by sharing it on various social media platforms and increasing the views of the videos.

Once you have got a model in place, you can create an umpteen number of videos that are relevant for your business. The right marketing is as important as the right video editing. Every step counts. And every penny counts as well. So, do not take a chance. Partner with the best and the most cost-effective company in the field. Get in touch with Flowz video editing team today.

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Video Editing Outsourcing

Video plays a crucial role in modern business. It can be used for staff training, marketing, and a host of other tasks to save both time and money while creating a better impression of the business. If you’re going to incorporate this type of visual media into your operation, however, it’s imperative that you do it well. Video editing is arguably the most significant aspect, as this is where it all comes to life.

Video editing outsourcing allows you to gain the professional results without the need to master editing yourself. When choosing an external company or freelancer to take care of this situation, making the right choice is essential. Here are 10 pointers to ensure that you do.

1. Turn Time

How quickly will my finished videos be delivered?

In today’s world of modern business, the need for speed is undeniable. There’s no time for wasting weeks waiting for a project to be completed, which is why you should always outsource to a company that can complete the job in the quickest time possible.

You will inevitably pay a little extra for guaranteed quick turnarounds, but reliable results are worth the investment as it’ll allow you to reap the rewards far sooner. After all, if it tasks too long for those videos to be delivered, they could be outdated by the time they go live.

2. Quality

Will the videos boast that professional atmosphere that the company craves?

A quick turnaround is pointless if the videos look amateurish. A lack of quality will distract viewers, preventing your product from creating the desired impact. As such, it’s imperative that you avoid this problem by outsourcing to a company or individual that provides quality.

Aside from the quality of the videos, you also want to know that they will compress and publish videos in the most suitable manner. On the one hand, you don’t want to compromise quality. On the other hand, though, you don’t want users to wait an hour for large files to download.

3. Skill Set

Do they have the ability to capitalizing on the full possibilities of modern video?

Video editing is a complex job that requires a professional touch. If it were as simple as simply buying a video editing package and putting in a few hours of work, you’d have completed the job internally. You’ve acknowledged the need for talent, so make sure that the experts boast it.

It’s not just a case of cutting clips and putting them into a timeline. Your video editors should know how to add special effects, fix any issues (including with the sound) and publish the final cut for a winning product. You may also need subtitles in various languages depending on the project.

4. Tools & Software

Are the latest facilities being used, or will my videos look a little outdated?

A quality product is one thing, but a quality product that is ahead of the times is another altogether. The world of visual media has evolved at a rapid rate in recent years, and sticking with outdated ideas can hold you back – irrespective of the professionalism used.

Utilizing the latest tools and software enables the video editor to incorporate interaction and other advanced properties that will take your visual media to another level. When the videos are designed with the user experience in mind, you’ll see a far better outcome.

5. Experience

How long has the video editor worked in the field?

While it’s true that some people have a natural flair for video editing, you should know that it’s a job where you get better with practice. It’s a constant learning curve, so choosing an expert with lots of experience will usually result in a better finalized package.

Apart from the promise of a better product, this experience means that the editor knows how to handle setbacks and faults. When choosing inexperienced users, a simple mistake could significantly delay the delivery of your videos.

6. Portfolio

Does the video editor have experience of working with companies like ours?

Aside from boasting general experience, you should seek a video editing company that can specialize in your industry. If you’re creating a video commercial for a sports product, you don’t want the experts to edit a package more suited to a ‘how to’ guide.

Asking potential video experts to show you their work, with a focus on products that are closest to yours, provides far greater insight. If nothing else, this can give you new ideas and lets you point the editors in the right direction of elements that you’d like to see replicated.

7. Additional Skills

Will the video editors merely edit the video, or will they go the extra mile?

Depending on the type of video being used, the editing may not be the final step. If it’s going to be a part of a promotional pack, you may need to think about publishing the video to DVD or a USB stick. Alternatively, password protected web links may be necessary.

A video editor that boasts the additional skills and qualifications in related aspects can open the door to a wealth of new opportunities. Or, if you’re looking to re-brand the entire business, knowing that the company also boasts branding experts and web designers can work wonders too.

8. Team Dynamics

Does the company boast a professional team and good leadership?

Once the project has been handed over to an outside company, you need to know that the leaders within that team will actively drive your videos towards the finish line in the quickest and most professional manner. Poor team dynamics could come back to haunt you.

While you don’t need to know everyone within the company, a little research into the team and how they can actively take care of your video editing needs is essential. If your gut instincts tell you that a better option is out there, they’re probably right.

9. Communication

Will our company know where it stands at all times?

Great communication sits at the heart of all modern business, and your video outsourcing activities shouldn’t be any different. Without the right interaction between you and the video editors, it’s likely that they’ll create the product they want. In truth, they need to produce the video you want.

On a similar note, you should want to be kept in the loop throughout the editing process. Knowing where the project currently stands allows you to make calculated decision in related fields. If nothing else, it offers peace of mind.

10. Cost

Will the service offer value for money?

While all of the above features are crucial, it’s important to keep hold of the fact that all videos are a business investment. It is subsequently impossible to think about the outsourcing process without considering the financial implications.

The cheapest option should not be confused with the most valuable, but you’ll want to analyze the different options to ensure that you get the best possible price. Before doing anything, though, you need to set yourself a budget. Otherwise, you could be asking for trouble.