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Top Five Benefits Of Opting For Digital Embroidery

Embroidery is digitized using computerized embroidery machines and digitizing embroidery software. Digitizing the embroidery process makes complicated easy. Hours of work gets done in just a few minutes. This is all done by converting images into stitches by an experienced embroidery digitizer.


An embroidery digitizer meticulously writes code that is read by the machine which converts the code into a design on fabric. Machine embroidery can be used to adorn any fabric or items of home décor like cushions, quilts, wall décor etc. It also has widescale usage in promotional gift segment and for other business requirements.


The digitization has added many benefits to the otherwise cumbersome and time-consuming embroidery process. Here are a few advantages of using a machine to stitch your next promotional gift product.


  • Time-saver: Works done on the machine are faster. Hand embroidery is a time-consuming process. The same can be done in a jiffy using an embroidery machine. There are different machines available – 9 needle, 23 head or 12 head embroidery machine. The speed varies with each model.
  • Fine finish: Since the process is digitized, the finish is very professional. Even the most complicated designs are rendered beautifully on an embroidery machine.
  • Variety: A variety of designs can be churned out of an embroidery machine. You can load any complicated image and the machine flawlessly brings to life a very sophisticated design.
  • Ease of use: All you need is an instruction manual to give life to your masterpiece. Even those who have never used an embroidery machine can read the manual and operate it.
  • Accurate work: Once the design file is loaded, there is a little scope of error. The main task is to work properly on the embroidery image. Spend more time on creating the image accurately. Once that image is loaded on the machine, the machine will stitch the design accurately on the fabric. However, a little supervision is required to ensure that all the patterns are carried out accurately.

The dawn of digitization in the embroidery domain has been a boon for the industry. A lot of time, money, and resources are saved due to this amazing technology. However, it is important to select your embroidery digitizer carefully.


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