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Best Creative Editing Techniques Every Video Editor Should Know

Many experts believe that video editing is nothing but an art of storytelling. To be able to portray these in the form of a film or a video may sound easy. But to make the video impactful the editors have to use techniques that enhance or sometimes even exaggerate an event. This ensures that the audience understands the story well and has a good viewing experience.


The story can be anything – your family film, a song video, company history or just product or service description. Whatever the reason or central idea behind the video, the editors should ensure the videos are meaningful and impactful. There are many video editing techniques available that video editors like to use to make interesting and impactful videos. We have picked some of them here to showcase how these techniques can bring alive a story on the screen.


  • Standard-cut:

This is the simplest of the technique that every novice or expert should master. A standard cut simply joins two frames. The last frame of a video clip is joined to the first frame of the next clip to develop a standard cut.

  • Jump cut:

When you want to depict that time is passing by or a ‘jump’ in time you use a Jump cut. In this, clips are of the same subject are shot from two or more different camera positions. These are then shown in sequence giving an effect of jumping ahead in time.

  • Wipe transition:

This is a transition technique. In this, a shot travels from one side of the frame to another frame. This way one shot dissolves int the second one in a smooth transition.

  • Fade in/out:

This technique is generally used to depict a change in time for example from day to night or from one era to another. As the name suggests, it is pretty simple, one-shot fades in and the out fades out slowly.

  • Invisible Cut:

If you want to smoothen your transitions use invisible cut. There are two major types of cuts – the visible ones and the invisible cuts. Invisible cuts are used to ensure the viewers are not distracted while watching the story.


There are many more techniques in video editing. So many types of cuts, transitions etc. There are also several software available for doing a good job of video editing. However, the in-depth knowledge of the domain is very critical to make a good video. If you are going to use the video for a professional purpose then it is advisable to get them made by an expert. One such video editing service provider in California is Flowz.


Professional video editing service provider like Flowz can help you with high-quality videos at a fraction of costs. Some of the advantages of working with Flowz besides cost saving are faster results, flexible packages, data security, best-in-class technology and infrastructure, and experienced team of video editors. If you have all this then there are higher chances that your video will be loved by your consumers and will surely tell the right story of your brand.


What It Takes To Make A Perfect Video?

The video marketing space is getting crowded with every passing minute. As per statistics, around 400 hours of new videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. A few studies have also found that by 2021, 82% of all consumer Internet traffic (globally) will be video-based. There is no doubt that the marketers need to be better and sometimes the best to be able to capture the attention of the viewers.


A good video editing software or an able video editor can get you to achieve your objective. But there is more to a successful video marketing campaign than just good video editing service provider. Here are some of the things you need to have to create a perfect video marketing mix.


  • Great quality content:

There is no substitute for good quality content. Content is the king even in video editing and marketing. You should share meaningful stuff with your audience. Make sure you curate content that is in demand. Give the viewers something they are looking for. For example, a video telling the viewers how to increase your SEO ranking could attract a lot of eyeballs. Put yourself in your viewers’ shoes and put your ears to the ground to know what does a viewer want.

  • High-quality videos:

Smooth edits and transitions, use of appropriate filters, color corrections, picture enhancements, and the list of creating good quality videos is endless. Use the right mix of techniques to generate high-quality videos. Video resolution is also important depending on the platform it will be viewed. A study shows viewers paid attention to mobile 28% of the time while watching TV shows. This mobile time went up to more than half the time during TV ads. With the increase in the use of mobile phones to watch videos, it is important to optimise the resolution of a video as per the medium used to watch it.

  • A strong storyboard:

A good artist always visualizes his work before making it. That is what a storyboard does to your video. It is similar to what a script is to a film. A storyboard tells you exactly what the video will look like step by step. It is all about planning and if your storyboard is robust enough, you have a strong video plan. The foundation has been laid, what is now required is to pick up the camera and shoot.
  • Exemplary video shoots:

Video shooting is an art. The shots, the frames, the timing, the right amount of light, background scores, dialogues etc are required in the right measure to create an exemplary video. Hire the right company to do the job as it can be too risky to have a naïve video filmmaker to shoot your video on mobile.

  • Superior shooting equipment:

A good video shoot can be done on mobile but there many restrictions to it. You may not be able to edit it to an advanced level on mobile. It is worth investing in a piece of good shooting equipment to make sure you do not compromise on the video quality. It may not be always possible for a company to invest in such infrastructure. In such cases, it is best to outsource the job to a trusted company managing video editing and shooting like Flowz.

  • High-quality editing tools:

Along with shooting equipment, you also need best-in-class editing software to edit a video. It can be both expensive to buy and time-consuming to master the video editing software. Here again, you may require to partner with an able video editing company to get the job done.

  • A clever video marketer:

And last but not the least, it is extremely important to have a person who knows how to make the most of the wonderful video you have created with so much effort and resources. A clever video marketer will make sure you get the best return-on-investment of your video by sharing it on various social media platforms and increasing the views of the videos.


Once you have got a model in place, you can create an umpteen number of videos that are relevant for your business. The right marketing is as important as the right video editing. Every step counts. And every penny counts as well. So, do not take a chance. Partner with the best and the most cost-effective company in the field. Get in touch with Flowz video editing team today.