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Factor That Make Custom Embroidery Digitizing So Important

Have you ever been enthralled by the amazing embroidery on a t-shirt spotting a logo in beautiful colored threads? Chances are this was done using a digitizing embroidery technique.


An outsourced embroidery digitizing service agency can easily help you with this kind of output on almost any surface. It may sound very simple, but there are a lot of techniques and methods you need to be careful when working on digitizing an embroidery design. 


What is digitizing embroidery?


Digitizing embroidery is all about tracing the embroidery designs from a computer onto the embroidery machine with the help of a digitizer.


Embroidery files need to be created using specialized software.


These files are them read by the embroidery machine and the design is imprinted on the surface. The surface can be cloth, leather, plastic etc. 


In digitizing embroidery you pay as per the stitch counts.


Your team of outsourced embroidery digitizing service agency must know the key factors that are required to work with intricate stitches and ensure a beautiful design is rendered without any errors. 


What are the factors that make custom embroidery digitizing so important?


  • Understanding underlay stitches


Underlaying is an important process in digitizing embroidery.


It is the method of laying a base on the fabric so that the stitches come out smoothly. If this process is not followed well the result is not up to the mark.


There are chances that the fabric is seen through the stitches and the finish is not clean. So make sure your embroidery digitizer agency knows how to underlay stitches. 


  • Choosing the appropriate software


There are various levels and standards of software available for embroidery digitizing.


You have to invest in this software depending upon the results you expect.


If you work with a service provider then you can rest assured that the software used will be of the highest quality and there will be no scope for sub-standard delivery.


  • Selection of fabric


Professional digitizers understand the correlation between the density of the fabric and the type of stitches that need to go on them.


It is easier to do embroidery on lighter materials like cotton and silk than thicker materials like denim.


You have to adjust your designs, stitch density and type of stitches according to the fabric.


  • Type of stitching

There are three major types of stitches – satin, fill and run.


The selection of the stitch depends on the image and design you have selected.


The direction of the stitch, the start and stop times of the stitching process, etc play a crucial role in embroidery digitizing. 


If you are looking at excellent standards of embroidery digitizing then you need to be sure that your outsourced embroidery digitizing service agency understands these factors well.


This should be supported with appropriate infrastructure and a well-experienced team to deliver great embroidery works. 


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