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Top 10 Graphic Design Trends 2019

Everyone is following a trend. As they say, “being trendy seems like the next trend”! This is true especially in industries like fashion and design. We have to agree that trends keep us relevant, trends keep us young, trends help us to connect with others and they speak a lot about a particular person or a product.


How do trends develop?


It takes a while for something to develop into a trend. A craze or a fad becomes a trend when it is used over a fairly long period of time by a number of people. In graphic design, new trends pop up every year. It is always good to know these trends so that as a graphic designer you can create art works that are more acceptable by clients and customers. As marketing companies, you should understand current trends so that you can communicate with the consumers in the language of colors and design they prefer and like.


Do not follow trends blindly


It is extremely important to know the business of design before you blindly follow a trend. Imagine a restaurant putting up advertising to showcase the new menu in black and white because that is trending. The fact that the advertising will fail to connect with food connoisseurs is a no brainer. A foodie would like to see the vibrant colors of a dish before trying it. As they say, “you eat with your eyes before your mouth”.
A good graphic designer will follow the trends with a purpose. The purpose can be to keep designs contemporary or functional. It can also depend on the material used or the relationship between the product and the consumers etc. What do you want to achieve with a particular trend is more important than blindly following the trend.


Top graphic design trends of 2019


Let us take a look at what are some of the top trends you can keep an eye on to make your work more saleable, acceptable and special.


  • 3 D designs: Three-dimensional design technique can be applied to text as well as images. The technique brings alive an object and catches the viewers’ attention. A lot of companies are combining this with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and making it even more interesting.
  • Black and white typography: Black and white definitely breaks the monotony of colorful artworks. It also gives a very classy touch to the design. A lot of designers use black and white typography on beauty and cosmetics products.
  • Single stroke design: This trend goes by the principle of ‘less is more’. Simplicity is at the core of a single stroke design trend. A single line or a brush stroke can communicate more than all the complicated drawings and use of colors.
  • Geometric shapes: Usage of geometric shapes is trending this year. Its versatile use makes it so popular. Geometric designs can be rendered in form of pop art, can be playful, have bright colors, or can be 3D.
  • Gradients and color transitions: This trend can be seen more in logos. A lot of logos are designed using the opposite color gradients. This draws the users’ eye and can break the monotony of a static image.
  • Serif typeface: Serif is a line or a stroke at the end of a letter. A typeface or a font family that has a stroke at the end of the letter are categories as serif. And those that do not follow this rule are sans serif i.e. without serif. Till a very long time designers used sans serif fonts. For example, Helvetica is considered favorite of graphic designers and is a sans serif font. However, in 2019, serif typefaces are back in vogue.
  • Metals: Metals or metallic look is again the very flexible and versatile look of the season. Depending on the presentation, a metallic design can look very premium or very tawdry and glitzy at the same time. It can be used in typography as well.
  • Animated logos: Animated or dynamic logos break the static monotony of logos. It stands out, is fun and leverages the digital advantage in designing.
  • Hand painted and handwritten texts: Text styles that look like hand scripted texts bring a human touch to the design. They create energy and movement in the design. They make communication more expressive.
  • Optical illusion and psychedelic designs: – This trend leverages the optical play of space and movement. It is a very interesting trend and captivates a user visually within seconds.


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All you need to know about the importance of graphic design in marketing

We all know that graphics designing is an integral part of marketing. Every product or service that has to be sold, needs a medium to reach out to the target audience and a relevant picture or video to explain the details of the product or service. Here is where graphic design plays a major role. Graphic designing is all about communicating the right message in a simple but attractive way to the right people.


It may sound trivial but believe it or not, the field of graphic designing is deeper than what meets the eye. Every detail on a picture or advertisement that reaches millions of people is well-thought and carefully designed to deliver a message that is crisp but impactful. It is no mean job. It requires both creativity and logic.


The value that a good graphic design agency can add to a marketing campaign is therefore immense. With the advent of new communications mediums, the value and the demand for graphic designers have been increasing. Some of the mediums where you can see amazing examples of creatively crafted graphic designs are social media, tv, billboards, logo, brochures, pamphlets, magazines.


Some of the goals marketing companies like to achieve through a well-rendered piece of graphic design are:


  • Brand awareness:

Informing your target audience about your product or service is the first step of a marketing campaign. Graphic designing can play a major role here by creating a logo or an impressive social media profile pic. It can be anything that talks about your brand.

  • Brand identity:

When you communicate with people using specific design elements like colors and fonts, people associate certain elements with your brand. For example, the red is so synonymous with coca cola or the swoosh sign is synonymous to Nike etc.

  • Consumer engagement:

This is a very interesting aspect of graphic designing. How can you engage your consumers by showing them attractive designs? Well, you must have seen catchy images asking you to click on a link or book a ticket or send a message etc. These ‘call for action’ designs help in engaging consumers with the brand.

  • Communication:

This is a no brainer. Every design you see in the marketing campaign is created to communicate well with your target audience. And a picture speaks a thousand words as they say. Therefore the role of a graphic designer is very crucial in designing an image that can speak a lot with just a few elements in it.


Now that we know what all can be achieved by engaging with a reputed graphic design agency, you should also know how important it is to have a good design agency as your partner. An internet search will throw several results on the names of graphic design agency in the USA. However, you should be smart enough to pick the best from the rest.


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