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Professional Logo Design Process

Good graphic design service providers always do a lot of research, create rough sketches, understand the company requirements and follow a professional logo design process before designing a logo. A logo design process comes with a lot of responsibility to ensure that the company’s values and goals are represented appropriately through the logo.


That is why a lot of companies prefer to engage with a partner who is an expert in this field. Seeking outside help to accomplish a task well is a good idea especially when your core competency is something else. Whether you design a logo in-house or seek external expertise, there is a process of logo design which should be adhered to. Here are a few steps that are important while designing a professional logo:


  • Understanding company goals:

Client brief is a critical first step in any logo designing process. Understand what the company stands for, what are its products and offerings, who are the target audience, what are the core values of the brand etc. Answering these questions gives the designer an idea where the logo will be used, the scale and scope of the logo etc.

  • Creating visual aesthetics:

The client brief will give the designers some crucial inputs to decide how the logo should look aesthetically. The colour palette to be used, the design trends to be followed etc. For example, a youthful brand may like to choose a red colour in its logo. While a premium interior design company may choose a simple black and white logo. The aesthetics of a logo will decide whether your logo will be appealing to your audience or not.

  • Research and development:

A well-researched job is half done. A good graphic design solution provider delves deep into what is trending in the market, what are the preferences of the customers, what are the competitors are up to etc. This helps in getting the logo styles right and creating a logo that tells the company’s story. Once the research is done, graphic designers like to develop a rough sketch of the log on a paper before taking it to the production stage.
Production drafts: Once the rough sketch is ready, it is brought to life at the production stage. Graphic design service providers use professional software like Adobe Illustrator to create a logo. A few iterations of the design are made till the client is satisfied and the logo truly represents the company.

  • Refine brand identity:

Once the first production draft is ready, it is a good idea to test the logo with a few groups and outside parties to garner feedback. This helps in refining the logo further and build a strong brand identity at the launch stage.

  • Usage of logo:

One should also always check the usage of the logo on different mediums to make sure the logo is visible and legible on different platforms. For example, it should look good when stretched on a billboard and should be legible when putting on a business card.


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