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Understanding The Role Of Typography In Graphic Designing

In the visual world, what you write is very important, but how you write is even more important. The key messages of an advertisement rendered beautifully with elegant typefaces and fonts create a very positive impact on the reader. Fonts, typefaces, typography may all sound similar but they have different meanings. Let us have a closer look at the meaning, importance and role of fonts in graphic designing.

Fonts refer to a group of typefaces. For instance, Arial is a font and Arial Black, Arial Narrow, Arial Nova etc are typefaces. A Font is a family of typefaces. The art of arranging these fonts and typefaces in a beautiful manner for printing or reading is called Typography.

Typography In Graphic DesigningNow that we have a clear idea of the jargons used in the “text “world, let us try to understand the role of fonts in graphic design:

  • Legibility: We read only what is clearly written. That is true when we write using any medium whether a pen, paper or digital medium. A good graphic design service provider knows the tricks of the trade and uses fonts to enhance legibility and readability of a message. He knows what typefaces go well with a particular theme, how to read the minds of the target audience and what impresses them the most. A smart designer will not just see fonts as a medium to enhance the appeal of the web page or a particular design but would know that the main task of typography is to enhance legibility and readability.
  • Visual fatigue: A reader may get visual fatigue by reading long lengths of articles and text. Here is where the right font usage is extremely important. The line length, the size of the font, the choice of typeface, the alignment etc are all important elements of typography. A reputed graphic design company has designers who understand these aspects well and know how to use them to enhance the reading experience and reduce visual fatigue.
  • Engagement: It may sound surprising but fonts do contribute to engaging the target audience. Good typography can add a lot of emotion, drama and style to a written matter. It instantly connects with the readers and has the power to stir them emotionally.
  • Call to action: Research suggests that typefaces can induce a response from people. Some font styles inspire confidence, some look formal, while some are comic. Each font has a different effect on a person. That is why it can influence a respondent’s answer or inspire him to take action.

A lot of time graphic design companies focus on pictures and videos and forget the strong impact fonts can have on a design. If you are looking for a company that knows it all when it comes to using typography in a design then your search ends here. Flowz is an outsourced business provider for small and medium enterprises. Our integrated services make your entire supply chain more effective. Our graphic designing services are one of the best and most cost-effective in the business. Get in touch with us today to see some of our works and know more about our offers and services.


All you need to know about the importance of graphic design in marketing

We all know that graphics designing is an integral part of marketing. Every product or service that has to be sold, needs a medium to reach out to the target audience and a relevant picture or video to explain the details of the product or service. Here is where graphic design plays a major role. Graphic designing is all about communicating the right message in a simple but attractive way to the right people.

It may sound trivial but believe it or not, the field of graphic designing is deeper than what meets the eye. Every detail on a picture or advertisement that reaches millions of people is well-thought and carefully designed to deliver a message that is crisp but impactful. It is no mean job. It requires both creativity and logic.

Importance Of Graphic DesignThe value that a good graphic design agency can add to a marketing campaign is therefore immense. With the advent of new communications mediums, the value and the demand for graphic designers have been increasing. Some of the mediums where you can see amazing examples of creatively crafted graphic designs are social media, tv, billboards, logo, brochures, pamphlets, magazines.

Some of the goals marketing companies like to achieve through a well-rendered piece of graphic design are:

1) Brand awareness: Informing your target audience about your product or service is the first step of a marketing campaign. Graphic designing can play a major role here by creating a logo or an impressive social media profile pic. It can be anything that talks about your brand.

2) Brand identity: When you communicate with people using specific design elements like colors and fonts, people associate certain elements with your brand. For example, the red is so synonymous with coca cola or the swoosh sign is synonymous to Nike etc.

3) Consumer engagement: This is a very interesting aspect of graphic designing. How can you engage your consumers by showing them attractive designs? Well, you must have seen catchy images asking you to click on a link or book a ticket or send a message etc. These ‘call for action’ designs help in engaging consumers with the brand.

4) Communication: This is a no brainer. Every design you see in the marketing campaign is created to communicate well with your target audience. And a picture speaks a thousand words as they say. Therefore the role of a graphic designer is very crucial in designing an image that can speak a lot with just a few elements in it.

Now that we know what all can be achieved by engaging with a reputed graphic design agency, you should also know how important it is to have a good design agency as your partner. An internet search will throw several results on the names of graphic design agency in the USA. However, you should be smart enough to pick the best from the rest.

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Top Five Reasons Why Graphic Design Is An Integral Part Of Digital Marketing

Graphic designing is the art of communicating complex messages through visually appealing images, illustrations or typography. If you are a digital marketer looking to impress your target audience with your products or capture their attention in a few seconds towards your services, you have to include graphic designing in your marketing strategy.

Graphic Design Service ProviderThe power of visual elements cannot be neglected in the era of digital marketing. As per statistics, people remember only 10% of the information they hear, three days later. If a relevant image is shared along with that same information, people retain 65% of the information three days later.
Here are some powerful reasons that emphasize the fact that digital marketing married with graphic designing can yield wonders for a business.

  • Making the most of the visual attention span: The attention span of a reader is generally just eight seconds. This short span of a reader, coupled with the crowded internet advertisements, articles, blogs, videos, infographics and constant messages on mobile has made the job of a digital marketer even tougher. Here, visual aids come to your rescue. A beautifully designed image or a creatively rendered logo can always capture an audience’s attention.
  • Powerful means to evoke emotion: Once you have the attention of your target audience, it is important to give him or her the experience which they will always remember. This way they will register your product and company in their minds and may come back to using it more often. Visual aids or graphic designs have the power to evoke emotions in a viewer. If you stir the right emotions and connect with your consumers, half the battle is already won. You do not just win their trust, you also establish yourself as a reputed company in the eyes of the consumer.
  • No language barrier: The best part of using an image or illustration is that it is free from any language barrier. Forget language, even a person who cannot speak or hear can connect with a visual. In the era of mobiles, even most media dark places are getting connected over the internet. Images and videos work wonderfully in connecting with those who cannot read English or other languages or who have certain disabilities.
  • Easy call for action: Any advertisement that fails to have a call for action is a total loss of money and other resources. Graphic designing gives you a very attractive way to urge your target audience to take action. It can be clicking a button or sending a message or just starting a chat on the website. A blinking arrow or a visually appealing form or a “claim your offer” button, it can be anything that you want.
  • Attract traffic to websites and portals: A website that uses good images for its banners and pages definitely looks more appealing. Beautifully rendered pieces of graphic art can entice your viewers to look deep into the website, browse more pages and click on more links.

The above-given reasons are just the beginning. The journey of graphic designing and digital marketing requires you to partner with experts in the field.

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Some of our graphic design services include
‐ Logos and artworks
‐ Website graphics
‐ Brochures, flyers, ads, posters and other marketing materials
‐ Stationery, envelopes, invoices, forms and business cards
‐ Sell sheets and PowerPoints
‐ Social media posts and infographics
‐ E-books and other e-thought leader pieces
‐ Embroidery digitizing

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Top Video Editing Tips For Beginners

Videos are taking the internet by storm. As per reports, YouTube reports 100% increase in mobile video consumption every year. Marketers want to cash on this craze and make videos of their products and services available to consumers. And why not, statistics for 2018 tell us that 90% of users find product videos helpful in the decision process.

Making a video requires superior video editing skills. It is a creative skill that has to be mastered over a period of time. We would like to share a few tips here on how beginners can up their skill quotient and create high- quality videos with just basic knowledge of the domain.

Video Editing Service

  1. Ramp up your RAM: It is important that your computer has a good RAM (random access memory) capacity. A minimum of 8 GB RAM works well for creating videos. Couple this up with a good quad-core processor and a decent memory space on a hard drive and you are ready to produce your first quality video.
  2. Invest in the right editing software: Once you have the PC configurations right, it is time to select the right video editing software. There are a number of free video editing software available like Windows Movie Maker, Video Pod Video Editor, Open Shot, etc. However, if you are serious about the business of video editing, invest in good software. Good things come at a price. Some of the software that professional video editors use are Hitfilm express, Apple iMovie, Lightworks, etc.
  3. Add music, graphics, and sfx: A video has a strong emotional connect with its audience more than an article or a static image. Take advantage of these characteristics of video and films and create a deep emotional connection with your audience. Add appropriate music, graphics, and special effects to make your videos more impactful.
  4. Let your video be more emotional than technical: You have installed the right software, have upgraded your PC to edit a video, and have learned the key skills of video editing. But that is not going to be enough to make your videos work. The functionality of a video largely depends on how well can it connect with the audience. Let your video not just be a technically good film, but also a deeply connecting one. A good storyboard, fine editing skills and a dash of creativity is all you need to stir the right emotions in your audience.
  5. Give breathers with visuals: Another very useful tip can be to remember to give breathers while shooting or editing a film. Break your cuts and film scenes in a way that you give some time for the audience to imbibe your message in a clutter-free manner.
  6. Make it web friendly: Do not forget to make your videos light so that you can upload on the internet. Most of the video editors and directors like to keep the file size heavy so that every shot comes out clearly in a high-resolution environment. But this does not work well while putting things on the web. And remember, the web is the place where you can make your videos most accessible. So think about making your videos web-friendly always.

Video editing and creation is just the first step and we hope that the above tips will come in handy. However, the important bit here is to leverage this video on the right social media platforms for lead generation, sales, and click-throughs.

There are experts in the field of video editing and marketing who can help you. Flowz, for example, has a talented video editing and production team who can help you at a fraction of a cost with superior quality videos. Try our services today.


Five Virtues of Graphic Designing That Marketers Should Cash On

Graphic designing is a visual medium of communication. What can a humble graphic do to a marketing campaign? Well, a lot actually!

The art of communicating your idea through appealing and appropriate images is what graphic designing is all about. Ignoring graphic design can be detrimental to any marketing strategy. Especially when consumers process most of the information visually.

Smart marketers have been using graphic design services for various purposes like driving engagement, spreading awareness, generating more website traffic, boosting sales, guiding purchase decisions, etc.

graphic design services

While there are numerous studies that show the power of images in problem-solving, here are a few specific things that graphic designing does to your marketing:

  1. It connects – There are so many examples of amazing uses of graphic design in creating legendary logos, brand themes and color perceptions. For example the McDonald arches, the Nike swoosh, the Coca-Cola red, the peculiar Lego typography or simple color combination of Dell logo. There is an immediate emotional connection consumer have with certain logos and branding. This is the result of some amazing graphic designing skills at work. A thousand words could not have created this effect, that a simple design could.
  2. It appeals – There are specific designs, typography, and colors that attract and appeal to a specific set of audience. For example, baby product packaging is generally designed using soft and pastel shades. A youthful brand would use bright colors like red while an office product might go for blue.
  3. It influences – Did you know that brand graphics and colors can shape opinions? Yes, that is the power of graphic designing. An impressive design leaves a lasting impact on a customer. The first glance of your audience towards your product can make or break their impression about you.
  4. It informs – Creating awareness is another virtue of graphic designing. Along with building a brand identity, it is important to showcase it to others and inform them of your brand and product qualities. Graphic designing can come in handy in describing your product effectively.
  5. It impacts consumer decision –As per studies, the visual medium is processed faster. Consumers look at the product packaging and design and instantly decide to go for it. This is especially true for over-the-shelf and FMCG products.

Designing involves a lot of strategizing. As a marketer, it is important to understand your audience’s preferences and personalities before designing logos and images. Your design represents your company and it is imperative you get it right. If you are looking for help on creative designing, get in touch with Flowz. We simplify the graphic design function for you and create meaningful graphics that work for your business.