Author - Pranav Dalal

Top 7 Graphic Design Terms That Most Designers Get Wrong

Graphic designers often goof-up with designing jargons. Similar sounding words may mean completely different things. So it is advisable to use the right words to describe a particular design element correctly. 

Graphic Design TermsThe reasons why it is so necessary to use the right words at the right place is because:

  • It does not look professional. A graphic design service provider generally boasts of providing the best services to the clients with the help of very able graphic designers. Jargon blunders may prove you wrong and dilute your perception of being a top company in the field
  • It can actually cause chaos. Imagine a client asking you to create a grayscale image and you present him a black and white one. It obviously will lead to confusion and chaos. 
  • It also leads to wastage of time and resources. Getting the brief wrong and creating something without a proper understanding of a particular term leads to re-work. Which means wastage of time and resources. 

So, what are the common terms that most of the graphic designers get wrong? Here are a few words that a graphic design studio should be careful about. 

  1. Font and typeface: Font refers to the weight and other characteristics like italics, bold, slant etc. The typeface is a collection of fonts. For example, Arial is a typeface. Arial black is a font. 
  2. Color and hue: Colour refers to a whole lot of colors like red, blue, green, yellow etc. Hue refers to a spectrum of a particular color.
  3. Tint and tone: When you add white to a hue it results in a tint. A tone is created by adding grey ( both black and white colors together).
  4. Letter mark and wordmark: A font based logo is called a wordmark. When only initials are used as font based logo it is called letter mark. For example, CNN is a better mark and Coca Cola is a wordmark. 
  5. Whitespace and negative space: The space that remains in between the images or surrounding the images is negative space. White spaces are used to give breathing space to design. They are generally defined by margins or gutter space. 
  6. Lettering and calligraphy: Lettering is illustrating letters. While calligraphy is an art of beautiful writing. 
  7. Italic Vs Oblique: In Italics, the characters are changed to decorate the writing. In oblique, the characters are only tilted without changing their styles. 

These may sound a bit complicated and the best way to become a pro in understanding them is using them often in your design and in your briefs. Another good way to be sure you are using the right elements of design is to work with a company that is an expert in the field. One such company is Flowz. Do visit our website to understand how we are adding value in the field of graphic designing. 


Video Editing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Video editing is like telling a story but in a very dramatic way. This exaggeration is what creates an impact on viewers. Combine this exaggeration with amazing music, audio and graphics effects and you have a sure-shot way of winning your viewer’s heart. 

Video Editing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Let us try to understand this with an example. In the real world, if we want to sneak into a room without someone noticing us, we would just quickly walk into the room and close the door. But in the world of movies and animation, this has to be dramatized a bit to showcase what exactly happened. So in a movie, the same act will be something like this – a person takes two large strides, his expressions that of scare and caution. He pauses, looks left and right to see if no one is watching. Again takes two big strides carefully. Holds the door of the room and quickly gets into the room. Gives a quick look of relief and closes the door softly. 

As you can visualize, the whole act is like telling a story. So that the audience can enjoy the scenes slowly and understand what is happening. The music and voice over dialogues play a major role here. Also, graphics are getting extremely popular and video editors are using them to enhance the viewing experience. 

While you are at your work of creating your next video, it is a good idea to ensure avoiding some common mistakes video editors make. We have listed the top mistakes for you here so that you can check and avoid these:

  • Audio mixing: Audio generally comprises of two major things in a video – the background music and the dialogues. Video editors who use background scores should ensure the music is not too loud. If so, the audience will not be able to listen to the dialogues and will miss the story. Loud music can also cause fatigue to the ears. 
  • Improper transitions: Transitions are the space between two shots. There are ways to transition to another shot. Some video editors like to give a fade effect, dissolve, pan, or instant scene change. The method of transition depends upon the impact you want to create in that particular scene. Improper transitions can be very annoying. Imagine a dissolve transition that lasts a bit too long and stays even when the next dialogue has begun. It is definitely a big no in any video editing work. 
  • Out of sync audio: Music should be in sync with the scenes. If you are playing soft music then the scene transitions should be slow. Imagine a slow scene and fast background music. It is sure to confuse your viewers. Needless to say, it is also extremely annoying. 
  • Graphics errors: Some of the common graphics errors can be using a coloured text that is not readable and legible. Or using multiple font families in a single video. One should be careful about the size of the font and the length of the titles to ensure the viewers can grasp what is written on the screen. 

A company should ensure that the videos it uploads on different social media platforms are of professional quality. Videos are great when it comes to increasing brand awareness. If you are looking for a partner who can help you in video editing then you can get in touch with Flowz. We deliver high-quality videos at affordable prices. Get in touch with us today to know our offers and offerings.


The Importance Of Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is a world full of colors and shades. Here, we are not just talking about the threads. We are talking about the technique. Yes, digitizing embroidery service has many shades to it. Digitizing embroidery is a little bit of art, a lot of science, a mix of technology, a combination of techniques and a lot of logic. 

The Importance Of Embroidery DigitizingIt may sound a little complicated but the crux of digitizing embroidery lies in making things simpler. It allows a person to embroider beautiful patterns and motifs on any cloth and material. The process involves:

  • Preparation of artwork (a high-resolution jpeg)
  • Loading the artwork on the digital embroidery machine
  • Using the machine to convert the artwork into stitches on the cloth. 

Importance of digitizing embroidery

Let us try to see why today a lot of companies are riding the digital wave and converting embroidery art into digitized embroidery. 

  • One of the main reasons for using digitized embroidery software is saving of time. The machines do the job of embroidery within minutes compared to days of work of embroidery done by human hands. 
  • Another big reason for the popularity of this service is volume. You can generate huge quantities of bulk orders with the help of embroidery machines. Increasing your volume is imperative of any business. Embroidery machines can take a load of big orders easily compared to hand-made stuff.
  • The third reason is the final outcome. The final outcome of the embroidered piece is far superior in quality. Embroidery service providers have stringent processes in place to check every piece before delivery. 
  • Another very big advantage of using digitized embroidery services is collective wisdom. An embroidery service provider generally has a team of designers, artists, quality supervisors etc who collectively ensure you get the best pieces. Not just that, they can also advise you on what is trending in the market, what do consumers prefer etc. 
  • Infrastructure wise too a company can benefit by partnering with a digitizing embroidery service. Setting up a digital embroidery machine, installing software and hiring good designers take up a lot of resources. When you work with a reputed and professional digitizing embroidery service provider these things are taken care. You free up a lot of capital expenditure that your would have otherwise spent on setting up the infrastructure. 

If you are looking for a partner who can provide custom embroidery digitizing service at fractional costs then get in touch with Flowz. Call us today to know our offers, speak to our team or see sample works.  


Why The Right Color Palette Matters For Your Brand

Usage of colors in communication is a very old practice. Humans have been conditioned to not just see colors but feel them too. That is where the phrases like “I see red” or “Monday blues” or “Let’s paint the town red” must have originated. We think colors, we feel them and we connect with them emotionally.

Right Color Palette Matters For Your Brand

Understanding the hues and color connotations

Smart marketers and graphic design service agencies use this characteristic of colors to their advantage in promoting a brand. Here are a few examples:

  •  Red: It denotes energy, youthfulness and passion. Some of the brands that have successfully used this color are Coca Cola, LEVIS, Netflix, etc.
  • Blue: This color stands for honesty, trust and stability. Lot of digital companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have preferred to go blue.
  • Yellow: This is a very happy color. It is associated with cheer, optimism and sometimes craziness. No wonder McDonald’s uses it to attract its customers.
  • Black: It denotes power, boldness and sophistication. A lot of times you must have seen men in black suits in official conferences. Now you know what they are trying to convey through their attire.
  • Green: This is a very calm and serene color because it is closely related to nature. A lot of times communication related to environmental sustainability is all colored in green.

Role of colors in marketing and branding

Brands and colors are very closely related. Research shows a very close relation between color and marketing. As per the Seoul International Color Expo, 92.6 percent of people put the most importance on visual factors when purchasing products.

Now that you know how important colors can be in your marketing communications, let us look at some of the rules of using colors that you can follow in your marketing campaigns:

  • Study colors well: It is important to know what are primary, secondary and complementary colors. Study them well so that you can create a visual balance in your graphic design. The wrong choice of colors can put off your target audience and can affect website visits and even sales.
  • Let colors reflect your brand values: Colors have an innate capacity to evoke emotions in the viewers. Choose the right color that reflects and relates to your product or service. Several examples have been shared above on how every color has a property and an emotion that it can evoke.
  • Consistency is the key: Use the color theme consistently in all marketing communications. If your primary color is blue, make sure you are using the same shade of blue in all the designs. It is a good idea to develop a color shade card and share it with your graphic designers.
  • Cut the clutter: Use max four colors in any design. Too much clutter is a bad way of marketing. Focus on just a few key colors that depict the personality of your brand and help you create a brand identity.
  • Study your competitors: And last but extremely critical point is to keep your ears to the ground and keep a watch on your competitors. This is important so that you do not repeat the same colors as your competitors are using. Else your competitor will benefit from all your marketing efforts.

If you are looking for a graphic design agency in the USA, reach out to Flowz. Our team understands colors well and makes sure it is used to benefit a brand over a longer term. You can call us or visit our website to see some of the amazing works we have created for our customers. Reach out to us with your specific requests and we will be happy to cater to all your graphic design requirements.


All About Embroidery Digitizing

A beautiful quote goes, “Sewing mends the soul”. Embroidery is an extremely intricate, exquisite and beautiful form of art. It has always been associated as a handicraft often done by women. Originally, it required a lot of effort and time to create delicate pieces of embroidered work with hand. However, now there are machines that aid faster and easier procedures to create the same embroidery designs.

Digitizing Embroidery Service

The shift to machine embroidery

The beauty and popularity of hand embroidery motivated a Frenchman Josue Heilmann to invent the hand embroidery machine. It is believed that the machine could do the work of up to four hand embroiderers.

The thought of creating the same quality of work with the help of machines is itself very revolutionising.  Similarly, in today’s era, we are witnessing a lot of revolution in digital space. That is where the digitizing embroidery services are placed.

Digitizing embroidery

Digitizing embroidery is creating artwork with the help of a machine that traces the designs with stitching with the help of digital software. In order to execute a digital embroidery pattern, you need to convert the embroidery artwork into embroidery files.

It may sound very simple but the procedure is slightly more than what meets the eye. You have to know the intricacies of types of stitches, drawing, as well as using software to render a perfect pattern.

Here are some quick facts you can look at to get a glimpse of what is in store for you in the world of digitizing embroidery:

  • Every stitch counts and you pay for every stitch count in a digitized embroidery. One solid square inch of embroidery has approximately 2,000 stitches.
  • The cost of a digitized embroidery depends on the stitch density. Stitch density is the distance between individual stitches in a column or row.
  • A beautiful border around an embroidered design is often created using a machine’s zigzag stitch that produces thicker lines.
  • A digital embroidery artist should know the intricacies of hand embroidery to be able to deliver good results.

If you are seeking to get beautiful and high-quality embroidery services then make sure your service provider understands the process of digitizing embroidery well. He should have a proper embroidery infrastructure and team in place to deliver quick and up to the mark results.

Flowz is one such company you can blindly trust. We are the reputed Embroidery Digitizing Service Provider who will make sure you get embroidery designs that are superior in quality and are within your budget. Get in touch with the team today by visiting the website.