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Answering Service
  • High quality work
  • Quick turnaround times
  • Direct Communication
Handling Your 360 Degree Communication Channels
Our highly skilled team ensures all your calls and messages are answered across various communication channels including phone, social media and website live chat.
Live Calls
Our reps are available 24x5 to answer your calls so that you do not miss any opportunity to convert a prospect into a loyal customer. You provide the script and questions you’d like answered and we will ensure we handle your customer calls with the personalization that you expect.
Live Chat
Leave it to our reps to manage and respond to the huge number of messages you receive every day. Our team responds in real time and can answer all customer inquiries efficiently. Our services are available at a fraction of cost and come with additional benefits like customer analytics, website activity tracking etc.
Social Media
Platforms like Twitter, Facebook and others are extremely important mediums to communicate and engage with customers. We ensure answering all your messages on these mediums on timely manner.
Advantages of Using our Answering Services
24/5 Support at a Fraction of Price
Our reps will answer calls even after business hours so that you never miss a call because you are not available.
Avoid Call Abandonment
Your customers will never have to face long waiting times for their calls to be answered with our highly capable team of call center reps who can easily handle call overflows. This will drastically reduce the call abandonment rate and the possibility of losing a customer.
Guaranteed Business Continuity
With our outstanding answering service, you will never have to worry about business disruption with issues like power outages, software malfunction, disasters or emergencies of any sort. We will be always at your service to ensure business continuity.
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Your customers will appreciate our call responsiveness, reduced waiting times and professional responses to their inquiries. We handle peak hour call volumes with ease to enhance your customer service levels.
Trust That All Our Services Are Managed & Serviced by EXPERTS
Veena Rampersad
Veena Rampersad has over 30 years of senior management experience at some of Canada’s most preeminent companies including Roger’s Communications and Woodbine Entertainment Group. Rampersad’s fluidity in all areas of business, from operations to human resources, is perfectly tailored to fulfil Office Beacon’s requirements.
Marie Moncrieffe
Director, Client Services
Marie Moncrieffe is our subject-matter expert on order entry and order management. Having spent numerous years in the promotional industry understanding best practices for ensuring optimization of the order entry and the order management process. Her ability to work with clients in identifying their workflow and providing more streamlined process.
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