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How To Shoot A Perfect Video Testimonial?

Video testimonials are amazing assets for marketers. Videos connect far better with the target audience than any other form of content marketing. They touch viewers emotionally. Are more fun to watch than reading. In fact, statistics suggest that videos have a great conversion rate as well.

There is no doubt then, video testimonials have to be a part of your content marketing strategy. The catch here is to create a good video testimonial. This requires good video editing skills. Get hold of a video editing expert in case you do not have the resources and skill in-house.

Whatever, you decide, make sure you follow some of the below tips to create an appealing video testimonial.

  1. Keep it short: Long is boring, at least when it comes to videos! Length of a video is extremely critical for a marketer. Remember, video shooting requires both time, money and other resources. Be wise in creating a video and be driven by objectives instead of emotions. There are companies that have posted long videos of customers talking about them and have managed to get a good click through rates. However, it is a wise thing to keep your videos two to three minutes long. This way you are more likely to get more views and keep your audience engaged for the right amount of time.
  2. Honesty is the best video policy: Do not try to script our customer videos. Let them speak from their heart. There is nothing more endearing than an honest video testimonial. It strikes the right chord with your customers and wins their trust immediately. Scripts can make the video sound doctored and may steal the thunder of the message the customer is delivering.
  3. Select the right customers: Selection of customers can be based on many things – oratory skills, loyalty towards your brand, length of association with them, etc. Take a look at each of these to select your customers wisely. A happy customer will always speak with great pride for your product. You do not have to guide him on what to speak and how to speak. It will come naturally to him.
  4. Have a brief chat before shooting: It is a good idea to speak with your customers briefly before rolling the camera. Ask them top three messages they want to say in the video. Guide them on how to begin and end a video talk. Simple tips like introducing their company and themselves and ending on a positive note can go a long way in making the video more meaningful for the viewers.
  5. Leverage it across platforms: And last, but not the least, use the videos you have shot on different social media platforms. Leverage the reach of these platforms to garners more views for your videos. This way you will ensure you generate the maximum return-on-investment on your video testimonial.

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Top 6 Design Rules You Should Never Break

Graphic design service is a creative field. So, we thought there can be no better way to get today’s inspiration from anyone but the legendary artist himself – Pablo Picasso. He once said, “Learn the rules like a pro so that you can break them like an artist”. So here we are with the six golden rules of graphic design that you should know before your craft your next masterpiece.

A lot of these rules revolve around text used in a design, knowledge of color palette and the application of design. Let us try to understand what they are:

Rules of using text
Creative graphic design is as much a work of art as it is a piece of advertisement. A lot of graphic designs are used as marketing collaterals to push sales or create awareness of a product or a service. This involves the use of text in the design to a large extent. Though we understand that a picture speaks a thousand words, you still have to communicate your message in as many words to your target audience. And you can only do that with the help of text. That is why it is very important to know the rules of the game when using text in your creative graphic design.

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These are fairly simple rules:

  • Spacing in words: Take care of the space you leave between words. These spaces should be evenly distributed to enable readability.
  • Kerning of letters: This rule also deals with the spacing characteristic of a text. Kerning is spacing between the letters. This makes your design visually in order and legible.
  • Alignment: There are four basic types of alignment of texts – left, center, right and justified. Selection of the type of alignment depends on the target audience and purpose. An invitation is generally center aligned while a magazine article is most of the times left aligned.
  • Remove windows and orphans: This is a very interesting rule. You must have often noticed that while aligning text, a word comes on the next line (referred to as orphan word) or sometimes a few words from a sentence move to next column (called widow text). Dealing with widows and orphans is important to make your design look professional and polished.
  • Use fewer font types: Many times, graphic designers are tempted to use a variety of fonts for impact in a single design. This is not a good idea at all. Use fewer font types to keep your work legible, simple and classy.
  • Do not stretch your fonts: If you want your text to look slightly taller or wider please use a wider font type instead of stretching a font. Stretching distorts the shape and proportion of font and makes your design of inferior quality.

Put the target audience at the center of your design
We know that designing is a form of art and a lot of people may argue that artwork may not always have a meaning.  But this is not true in case of graphic design service. You have to keep the target audience and the purpose of the design at the center while working on your project. Imagine that as a designer you love black and white colors use in an artwork. But you are designing a child’s birthday invitation card. Can you still use only black and white? No. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and you will know exactly what colors and fonts to use.

Know your color palette
That brings us to a very important rule of using the right colors. Some of the basic mistakes designers make is using color discord that means using two widely separated colors in a color wheel together. In addition to understanding the color wheel, it is important to understand the theory and what each color denotes. For eg yellow and orange go well with food menus, green is good for environment-related collaterals and red is a very passionate color. Use them smartly in your design and see how your artwork transforms from a piece of creative art to a wonderful marketing tool.

Embrace white space
Do not try to fill in too many details in the design. Let there be more white space so that there is enough focus on the central piece or the main character of your design. Too much clutter puts the audience off and they do not register the most important message conveyed in the design. The message is lost, you waste a lot of time putting too many elements and the design itself does not look beautiful. So it’s a total loss of effort, time and money. Contrary to that, working with white space is easy, makes business sense and helps you create a professional piece of work.

Think application before designing
This is a very important point to remember when working on creative graphic design. Imagine you are designing the pages of a magazine. It is so important to know the concept of gutter spaces so that you align and manage your text accordingly. Similarly, if you are designing a greeting card, it is important to know the occasion for which you are making the card.  Else you will end up putting the wrong design element in it. The purpose, the application and the usage of the card are central to your design. Ask for these details in case they are not shared with you to make sure you do not have to rework on your design too much.

Keep it simple
And lastly, remember to keep it simple. This rule looks easy but most of the designers find it difficult to follow. As they say, “The most complicated thing is to be simple”. Holds true in graphic designing service too.  But you can learn the skill of simplicity by not using too many effects in your design. Know where to stop while working on the design.

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Top Ten Tips For Young Graphic Designers

Graphic designing can be a very appealing career choice for young graduates. And why not? As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Department of Labor, the median pay of a graphic designer is $48,700 per year. And all you need is a graduate degree to kick-start your career as a graphic designer.  But that’s just the beginning. To become a successful graphic designer you need both, aptitude and skills, that are superior in every way.

Let us have a close look at what are some of the things you can do to become an efficient graphic designer.

  1. Stay inspired and motivated: Simple yet a very important virtue in learning any skill is staying inspired and motivated. There are enough and more designs on the internet that can keep you inspired. Keep looking at works that are awarded, liked and sold the most. Try to pick what is so different about them. See if you can imbibe the same superior creative rendition in your designs. It can be a little frustrating at the beginning of your career to keep your motivation levels high, especially if you are working as a freelancer. Visiting websites that showcase good work will keep your interest in the field alive.
  2. Follow good designers: Another way you can keep yourself inspired is by following designers that have made a mark for themselves in the industry. Connect with them on Linkedin, Instagram or Facebook. Whenever possible interact with them and try to learn the golden rules of graphic designing from them. No book can ever give you the knowledge that a mentor can provide.
  3. Make replicas of great designs: Once you know which designs are good and who is creating them, it is time to practice creating similar works. Beware of plagiarism and copyright issues here. Use the designs only for practice and reference and do not try to sell them. Imitation is a very good form of learning. Just by re-creating a masterpiece, you will learn more than you could ever in a class or through books.
  4. Get critiqued: Show your designs to other people – layman or experts, anyone can see your design and comment on it. This will give you an outside perspective to your design and help you keep your ears to the ground. As they say, criticism can take your work to the next level.
  5. Create what your client wants not what you want: It is very easy to get carried away while creating a creative piece and add your elements to it. It is not advised to take too much liberty while working on a business project. Stick to the brief of the client. After all, you are creating with a business objective and not for an art show.
  6. Purpose-driven designs: This brings us to the next point which is extremely critical and at the same time difficult to follow by many designers. Your design should be centered around a clear purpose. It can be influencing the key opinion formers, or announcing a sale, or designing a company logo. Whatever your design is, it should corroborate the business purpose of creating it.
  7. Develop your own style: There are so many budding designers in the industry and the number is increasing steadily every year. But so are the number of design jobs. There is no dearth of opportunities for creative artists who know their job well and stand out from others. Make sure you develop your own style and create a unique selling proposition for yourself. Remember, follow trends but have your own personal style to make your design stand out from others.
  8. Create simple designs: Remember, the beauty of design lies in its simplicity. Cut noise and clutter as much as possible from your design and keep it simple and sophisticated. Some designers like to bring in simplicity by leaving a lot of white space in the design. You can try that too.
  9. Deliver on time: Graphic designers should love to work under tight deadlines. Deadlines are the new normal these days. Everyone wants a design ready yesterday! That is the reality and it is better to get used to it and develop your expertise around delivering within minimum turnaround time.
  10. Service your client well: If you are working as a freelance graphic designer, you are running a business. A business needs to focus on both product and service. While you may be great in creating a creative product, your client will expect good service as well from you. It is best to communicate with your client often. Understand his requirements well. And have review meetings before and after delivery.

Everyone has their own professional journey but the above tips can help you to make it a smooth sail instead of a rough ride. Hope you find them useful.

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Top 10 Graphic Design Trends 2019

Everyone is following a trend. As they say, “being trendy seems like the next trend”! This is true especially in industries like fashion and design. We have to agree that trends keep us relevant, trends keep us young, trends help us to connect with others and they speak a lot about a particular person or a product.

How do trends develop?

It takes a while for something to develop into a trend. A craze or a fad becomes a trend when it is used over a fairly long period of time by a number of people. In graphic design, new trends pop up every year. It is always good to know these trends so that as a graphic designer you can create artworks that are more acceptable by clients and customers. As marketing companies, you should understand current trends so that you can communicate with the consumers in the language of colors and design they prefer and like.

Do not follow trends blindly

It is extremely important to know the business of design before you blindly follow a trend. Imagine a restaurant putting up advertising to showcase the new menu in black and white because that is trending. The fact that the advertising will fail to connect with food connoisseurs is a no brainer. A foodie would like to see the vibrant colors of a dish before trying it. As they say, “you eat with your eyes before your mouth”.

A good graphic designer will follow the trends with a purpose. The purpose can be to keep designs contemporary or functional. It can also depend on the material used or the relationship between the product and the consumers etc. What do you want to achieve with a particular trend is more important than blindly following the trend.

Graphic design trends

Top graphic design trends of 2019

Let us take a look at what are some of the top trends you can keep an eye on to make your work more saleable, acceptable and special.

  1. 3 D designs: Three-dimensional design technique can be applied to text as well as images. The technique brings alive an object and catches the viewers’ attention. A lot of companies are combining this with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and making it even more interesting.
  2. Black and white typography: Black and white definitely breaks the monotony of colorful artworks. It also gives a very classy touch to the design. A lot of designers use black and white typography on beauty and cosmetics products.
  3. Single stroke design: This trend goes by the principle of ‘less is more’. Simplicity is at the core of a single stroke design trend. A single line or a brush stroke can communicate more than all the complicated drawings and use of colors.
  4. Geometric shapes: Usage of geometric shapes is trending this year. Its versatile use makes it so popular. Geometric designs can be rendered in the form of pop art, can be playful, have bright colors, or can be
  5. Gradients and color transitions: This trend can be seen more in logos. A lot of logos are designed using the opposite color gradients. This draws the users’ eye and can break the monotony of a static image.
  6. Serif typeface: Serif is a line or a stroke at the end of a letter. A typeface or a font family that has a stroke at the end of the letter are categories as serif. And those that do not follow this rule are sans serife. without serif. Till very long time designers used sans seriffonts. For example, Helvetica is considered a favorite of graphic designers and is a sans serif font. However, in 2019, serif typefaces are back in vogue.
  7. Metals: Metals or metallic look is again the very flexible and versatile look of the season. Depending on the presentation, a metallic design can look very premium or very tawdry and glitzy at the same time. It can be used in typography as well.
  8. Animated logos: Animated or dynamic logos break the static monotony of logos. It stands out, is fun and leverages the digital advantage in designing.
  9. Hand-painted and handwritten texts: Text styles that look like hand scripted texts bring a human touch to the design. They create energy and movement in the design. They make communication more expressive.
  10. Optical illusion and psychedelic designs: – This trend leverages the optical play of space and movement. It is a very interesting trend and captivates a user visually within seconds.

Flowz delivers designs that are functional and at the same time trendy. It has over 18 years of experience in delivering best-in-class graphic designing services. This wide experience is put to use by its talented graphic artists to first understand the client requirements in-depth and then render spectacular designs.

Flowz’s graphic artists can easily handle any creative project from production artwork to creative consulting and conceptualization. It offers graphic design services in areas of

  • Logos and artworks
  • Website graphics
  • Brochures, flyers, ads, posters and other marketing materials
  • Stationery, envelopes, invoices, forms and business cards
  • Sell sheets and PowerPoints
  • Social media posts and infographics
  • E-books and other e-thought leader pieces
  • Embroidery digitizing

Flowz offers one of the best graphic design services globally. The delivery is loaded with creativity but very light on your pocket. So go for it now, check the services in detail on the company website today.



What Does It Take To Make A Perfect Video?

The video marketing space is getting crowded with every passing minute. As per statistics, around 400 hours of new videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. A few studies have also found that by 2021, 82% of all consumer Internet traffic (globally) will be video-based. There is no doubt that the marketers need to be better and sometimes the best to be able to capture the attention of the viewers.

A good video editing software or an able video editor can get you to achieve your objective. But there is more to a successful video marketing campaign than just good video editing. Here are some of the things you need to have to create a perfect video marketing mix.

  • Great quality content: There is no substitute for good quality content. Content is the king even in video editing and marketing. You should share meaningful stuff with your audience. Make sure you curate content that is in demand. Give the viewers something they are looking for. For example, a video telling the viewers how to increase your SEO ranking could attract a lot of eyeballs. Put yourself in your viewers’ shoes and put your ears to the ground to know what a viewer wants.
  • High-quality videos: Smooth edits and transitions, use of appropriate filters, color corrections, picture enhancements, and the list of creating good quality videos are endless. Use the right mix of techniques to generate high-quality videos. Video resolution is also important depending on the platform it will be viewed. A study shows viewers paid attention to mobile 28% of the time while watching TV shows. This mobile time went up to more than half the time during TV ads. With the increase in the use of mobile phones to watch videos, it is important to optimise the resolution of a video as per the medium used to watch it.
  • A strong storyboard: A good artist always visualizes his work before making it. That is what a storyboard does to your video. It is like what a script is to a film. A storyboard tells you exactly what the video will look like step by step. It is all about planning and if your storyboard is robust enough, you have a strong video plan. The foundation has been laid, what is now required is to pick up the camera and shoot.
  • Exemplary video shoots: Video shooting is an art. The shots, the frames, the timing, the right amount of light, background scores, dialogues, etc are required in the right measure to create an exemplary video. Hire the right company to do the job as it can be too risky to have a naïve video filmmaker to shoot your video on mobile.
  • Superior shooting equipment: A good video shoot can be done on mobile but there many restrictions to it. You may not be able to edit it to an advanced level on mobile. It is worth investing in a piece of good shooting equipment to make sure you do not compromise on the video quality. It may not be always possible for a company to invest in such infrastructure. In such cases, it is best to outsource the job to a trusted company managing video editing and shooting like Flowz.
  • High-quality editing tools: Along with shooting equipment, you also need best-in-class editing software to edit a video. It can be both expensive to buy and time-consuming to master the video editing software. Here again, you may require to partner with an able video editing company to get the job done.
  • A clever video marketer: And last but not the least, it is extremely important to have a person who knows how to make the most of the wonderful video you have created with so much effort and resources. A clever video marketer will make sure you get the best return-on-investment of your video by sharing it on various social media platforms and increasing the views of the videos.

Once you have got a model in place, you can create an umpteen number of videos that are relevant for your business. The right marketing is as important as the right video editing. Every step counts. And every penny counts as well. So, do not take a chance. Partner with the best and the most cost-effective company in the field. Get in touch with Flowz video editing team today.

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