10 Quick Tips About Graphic Design Outsourcing

The process of choosing a graphic design service provider to outsource work to can be a little daunting, especially if you only know little about the industry. There’s a common misconception that finding the ideal service for this kind of creative work means simply relying on talent. The chances are that you’ll hear from a large number of potential services for the project, but it’s important not to get hung up on talent alone. You may like the look of a certain candidate’s work, but it’s important to be mindful of the other areas that you need to consider. It’s crucial that you focus on finding a service provider who not only offers talent but is also able to perfectly meet your specific project brief.

To help you select the ideal service for your graphic design project, below are ten quick tips that should make the process a little easier.

1. Choose a graphic design service that understands your business ethos
For your graphic design project to be successful, it’s crucial that you select a graphic design service to outsource to that understands your business ethos. Any successful partnership begins by sharing a range of information about your company’s background and target demographic. You can’t successfully work with a service provider that doesn’t understand the concept that your business runs around.
2. Provide a quality creative brief
Ensure that the brief for the project provides plenty of detail about your company, the goals of your project, and what deadlines you have in place. It can also be beneficial to mention what qualifications you expect candidates to have, in addition to the years of experience that you would prefer they have under their belt.
3. Be transparent regarding budget
A mistake that is made all too common when it comes to outsourcing projects is failing to be transparent in regards to the budget. If you aren’t clear about what you can afford to spend, you can’t expect to have your project completed within the price range that’s affordable for your business. Don’t list your budget on the creative brief. However, should potential service providers ask what price they have to work with, be open and honest with them about the size of your budget?
4. Discuss your time requirements for the project
When selecting a graphic design service to outsource a project, it’s vital that you take the time to discuss the time requirements that you have for your project. Before you start discussing your project, it’s vital that you know what deadline you need it completed by. So that you can be clear from the get-go regarding time constraints. In that way, you can ensure that the graphic design service you choose is able to meet your deadline.
5. Opt to use a reputable service
Choosing a graphic design service is a tricky job and is not something that you should do based on their portfolio alone. It’s vital that you research each graphic design service that you are considering for the task. What you want to determine is how well-known and reputable they are, in addition to how reliable they are. For every graphic design service provider that you consider, read the reviews of their work online. If you have a particular question that you want answering, consider contacting previous clients of the design service – Facebook reviews is an ideal tool for sourcing these people.
6. Look for a specialist
To guarantee that your graphic design project is completed to the highest quality possible, it’s important to source a specialist in the area of graphic design that the work lays in. For instance, say you want to redesign your restaurant, you should choose a graphic design service provider that has specialized in the catering industry. Or, say you are launching a website for your new fashion brand, you might want to choose a graphic design service that specializes in fashion. For a project that’s a perfect fit for your brand, working with a specialist in a certain area of graphic design is key.
7. Question them about your brand
Another tactic for narrowing down your choice of graphic design service is to question potential companies about your brand. If you want to determine which design firms have actually done their research on your brand, asking them a few questions about what your business does is a great step to take. You can also opt to ask them what they like about your business and what makes it so unique.
8. Relevant industry experience is key
When discussing a potential provider’s experience, question them about their relevant industry experience. Ask to see examples of their previous relevant work, so that you can determine the standard at which they work. Quality is key when it comes to graphic design, as if you choose a design firm that doesn’t work to a high-quality, your project may lack professionalism and not be up to the standard that you require.
9. Focus on communication
Whenever you are working with a service provider, it’s important to ensure that they employ good communicators. It’s impossible to work effectively on a project if the person who you are working with is not able to offer effective communication. Make it clear to potential candidates that you need to outsource to is someone who can keep you in the loop at all times, and ask them how they would do that. How often will they call to update you? When can you expect to receive email reports? Will you be contacted if any aspect of the project changes? These are all crucial questions to ask before choosing to hire a graphic design firm.
10. Propose a trial project
A simple and effective way to narrow the number of candidates that you have to choose from is by offering a trial project. Ask each service provider if they would be willing to complete a small trial project for you that will be used to judge their work and determine their skills, experience and the quality of their work. Ideally, you might want to offer a small fee for this, to ensure that you are seeing each person’s best work.

Choosing a Flowz for a project is never an easy task, as there’s just so much to take into account. However, the good news is that by taking note of the useful tips above, you can make the process of selecting a graphic design firm to outsource your project to easier and less stressful.