About Us

Our story

Flowz is the genesis of nearly 20 years of business experience and disruption.  Flowz is the natural evolution of sister company, Office Beacon, both based in Redondo Beach, California.  Office Beacon disrupted the $20 billion promotional products industry changing the underlying economics of thousands of companies operating within the industry.  OB’s business model has always been to offer specialized talent from India and the Philippines in a narrow service offering. Office Beacon has grown to over 2000 full-time employees; however, founder, Pranav Dalal saw a bigger addressable market, that being the needs of small business.

A new way of working is born

Understanding that Office Beacon had the market reach to target tens of thousands of companies daily, Flowz was developed to offer services in a variety of disciplines to businesses of all types.  The underlying values that the organization holds high are customer service and quality.  With these two values, Flowz started operations with the backing of Office Beacon’s global infrastructure.

Fast-forward to today, simple workflow technology is the foundation of Flowz — the world’s leading B2B professional services website.

Flowz’s vision

To disrupt the underlying workflow economics for clients and partners.

Meet the Team

This FLOWZ team is dedicated to optimizing the bottom line for all businesses.

Pranav Dalal
Veena Rampersad
Chris Glowacki
Biz Dev
Caroline Dalal
Dipesh Bhavsar
Basant Gandhi
India Ops
Peter Rogers
Joy Sunit
Philippine Ops